The flu is here (in case you were wondering where it went)

Some flu funnies:

1) When I pulled out the thermometer, Abbey said,  “What’s that?”

2) Benjamin was the first to use it.  We don’t have a fancy ear thermometer, so I had to explain to the kids that they had to hold it under the tongue until it beeped.  When it beeped, Ben took it out and said,  “L 66.”

“L 66?  Let me see……99.7.  You had it upside down!”

3) This commercial has been running non-stop down here in Alabama.  It was pretty funny the first dozen times, but now it’s annoying.  Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeeeeaaaaah!

We’ve run through our Tylenol and Motrin, our crackers and soups, our Sprites, our Halls, and our vitamins and supplements.  The humidifiers have been working overtime.  But I am very thankful — it looks like we’re on the mend!  Fevers are breaking and voices are returning.  Children who haven’t moved in 24 hours cannot sit still any longer.  The ones who are feeling better are getting on the nerves of those who aren’t.

4 Comments on “The flu is here (in case you were wondering where it went)

  1. That last line says it all!

    I’ve had a really nasty upper respiratory thing for the better part of the last 3 weeks and I knew I was feeling better when the state of our messy house started to get on my nerves!

    Glad you’re on the upswing!


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