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My GoogleReader is packed with good blogs and websites. I don’t always get around to reading all of them, but when I find something good, I share it. Of course, if you aren’t subscribed to my shared items in GoogleReader, then you won’t see what I’ve shared. SO, I’m going to start linking to a handful of my shared items every Friday. I hope you enjoy these:

Helpful advice about training your children to sit still from the GirlTalk bloggers: Going Bye-Bye

I recently subscribed to ElizabethEsther and I have not been disappointed. I liked this this week: Good Christian Girls Don’t Talk About Sex. We just obsess about it.

Tim Challies shared his advice for How to Review a Book.

R.C. Sproul teaches us a little more about Becoming a Worshiper of God.

Kim of The Upward Call shares her mild trepidation when it comes to reading John Owen. In the process, she boils down what we can learn from Owen via Packer about how God communicates with us.

It would behoove many Christian authors to pocket this little nugget of truth from Of First Importance: The Differences Between the Law & the Gospel.

Southern Baptist Girl is taking a closer look at Beth Moore’s teaching in So Long, Insecurity. “Moore has misdiagnosed the problem; therefore, I anticipate that her remedy (when she finally gets around to sharing it) is going to do more harm than good.”

Shannon of Reforming Mom shares some J.C. Ryle: Gospel-Truth More Important then Unity & Peace. This is not a popular stance these days.

3 Comments on “This Week on the Interwebs

  1. Thank you for these links! I was especially interested in the Southern Baptist Girl one; especially after your post on the 2 Corinthians passage and the fact that I’m doing her study on Breaking Free right now.


    • I’ve made some time to do more reading on the question I asked about the 2 Cor.10 usage. I’m working on a post for next week. The bottom line is that “every thought” is every thought, whether it’s about ourselves or about God. And we need to be bringing everything under the the authority of Christ. So, I’m not so sure that Moore or Rothschild are misapplying that scripture. But it was fun to ask the question and force myself to look at it more closely. It doesn’t look like Southern Baptist Girl has anything about Breaking Free. Maybe a google search will turn up something for you.


  2. Thanks for doing this. I have no idea how to sign up for shared items with google reader. What is that? I know, I’m so behind.


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