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Y’all already know that I like to read.  One of my favorite books right now is Waltke’s, An Old Testament Theology. Simply put, it’s fascinating. One benefit to my soul (I think) has been that the study has given me a grander picture of God and His purposes. My thinking about myself in relation to God’s purposes has been challenged. It’s not about me. All those stories and laws are not just about me and what God wants from my life. It’s way bigger than that. I’ve also seen (because Waltke explains in great detail) the kindness and mercy of God to man.

The reason I mention that is because sent out an email a few weeks ago with Waltke’s book on a list recommended reading if you want to study theology at home. “Due to the compromising theological climate at many modern seminaries,” the folks at believe that if you take the time to carefully read these materials you will get a better theological education than most seminary graduates. I like lists. I like knowing which books to read if I want to understand something; with so many books to choose from it’s hard to know which is best.

This bundle includes the following 6 books:
1) Westminster Confession of Faith (hardcover)
2) A Body of Divinity by Thomas Watson
3) The Ten Commandments by Thomas Watson
4) The Lord’s Prayer by Thomas Watson
5) Outlines of Theology by A. A. Hodge
6) An Old Testament Theology by Bruce K. Waltke

Read the books listed above in the following order: 1) Westminster Confession of Faith: a) the Shorter Catechism; b) the Larger Catechism; c) the Confession; 2) A Body of Divinity by Thomas Watson; 3) The Ten Commandments by Thomas Watson; 4) The Lord’s Prayer by Thomas Watson; 5) Outlines of Theology by A. A. Hodge; and 6) An Old Testament Theology by Bruce K. Waltke.

OK, so I’m reading the list backwards.

I know that several women who read my blog would also love the opportunity to formally study theology. But, because God has posted us in our homes, we cannot attend classes. That, and extra cash goes to fund the kids’ college tuition, right? In addition to books, another great resource is iTunes U. I download seminary lectures from RTS and podcasts from Southern. We have everything we need right at our fingertips!

And, yes, if you purchase anything from Monergism after clicking from my blog, I will earn a small commission (like 6% or something). I am very grateful to you if you do, because that money goes to purchasing the books I need for my imaginary theology degree. 😉

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  1. You can also download and listen to the lectures from many of the courses at Covenant Seminary. These are great.


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