I hate the Easter Bunny (and Santa Claus)

“Tell him there IS  an Easter Bunny!”

“Mrs. Leslie,” he challenged, “isn’t that right?  There’s not a real Easter Bunny.  Tell her.”

Not wanting her to cry, he turned back to her and said, “Well, ok, the Easter Bunny is bunny AND your mom and dad.  They work together.”

“Tell her,” he demanded.  “He’s not real.”

“I can’t say that.  She will have to talk to her mom about it,” I answered.

With tears in her eyes, she looked to me.  “The Easter Bunny is real, isn’t he?”

Not wanting to lie to her, I said, “I can’t say that, either.”

“It’s 9:30, so let’s start our lesson.  Draw your swords and find John 20.  We’re going to read about what happened when Jesus rose from the dead.”

10 Comments on “I hate the Easter Bunny (and Santa Claus)

  1. We started out with no easter bunny, no Santa Claus, etc…because we didn’t want to “lie to our children.” But we’ve changed our minds on this. Now, although our oldest is a skeptic, we get visits from Santa, the bunny, and the tooth fairy.


    • But I’d bet that at home you place more emphasis on Jesus on a daily basis, right?


    • I’m curious John. Why did you and your wife change your minds? I guess we’ve done the opposite. With our oldest, we did the Santa and Easter Bunny thing pictures with them and all. Now with our four year old and 1 year old we don’t do “Santa” or the Easter Bunny. I talked a little about this on my blog today as well.


  2. Our children know about Santa and the Easter Bunny and all that. They know it’s a fairy story and we don’t really “celebrate” either of them. I just don’t get it why parents WANT their children to believe something that isn’t true and then feel that it’s a rite of passage or something to have their hopes CRUSHED when they discover it isn’t true. I just don’t get it. Never will.


  3. Leslie,

    Definitely. Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are an afterthought. Our children know that everything comes from God.


    We changed our mind because we felt we needed to lighten up. We teach the truth in our home, so we feel like it is safe to pretend sometimes.


  4. Did that really happen in Sunday School? I told our Bible study group that I don’t like Santa and they all gasped as if I were unAmerican.


    • Yes. It is unAmerican to not do the Santa tradition. Well, I take that back — he’s almost worldwide.


  5. I think the Easter Bunny is a dumb concept, but I like Santa :^) Santa was such a bad guy when I was growing up, and I thought ti was a lot of overkill. I really don’t see how kids believe he’s real past about the age of five and none of mine were bothered by it. We pretend that fairies are real too – I suspect they know that they aren’t.:^) – although Rose might think they are occasionally. I tell them that they’re magic. And about the time they decide that magic (of the disney variety) is all part of the fairytale world, they get it, if they weren;t sure yet. The story of the real Saint Nicholas is sweet, and we focus on lots of Advent traditions, Santa is just a little bit of holiday magic for the littlest ones to me. I like to see my toddler’s face light up when they see the old guy instead of having my little brothers, “Satan Claus” reaction. But I think all of my children love going to the Bethlehem recreation and lighting the Christ candle on the advent wreath more than seeing Santa. The presents are the real competition. If it weren’t for extended family and being out of state every other year, I think we’d do presents on Saint Nicholas day (December 6) and then we’d really have a plan.


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