Lost “Happily Ever After”

Zoe is giving Desmond some meds to get him to wake up.  Obviously, he’s in a bad mood.  Where did he come from?  He looks terrible.  This must be right after Ben shot Des at the marina.

WHOA!  Des is really angry with Widmore for bringing him to the island.

Zoe takes Jin to the generator room.  They have to get the experiment up and running.  I see a white bunny.  I bet this is going to have something to do with time travel.  It’s running but there’s a dude still inside the shack.  Oh, he’s so dead.

What is this about?!


Desmond is being strapped to a chair in the shack with the big coils.

Widmore wants to see if Desmond can survive another electromagnetic surge.

The machine is on….aaaand Desmond is now in the airport in LA.  Hurley walks by and tells Des that their luggage is at carousel 4.  Des is offering to give Claire a ride.  He’s a stand-up guy in both universes.

He gets picked up by the guy who died on the freighter!  Mankowski.  I wonder who the boss is?

It’s Widmore!  Wow, they are friends.

COMMERCIAL: I’m kind of lost right now.  Oh, no — the phone is ringing.  Y’all listen up — don’t call here when LOST is on.  I won’t answer.

Widmore is talking about someone he needs to get out of jail.  He says something about his son who’s a musician.  I guess Faraday is a pianist.  I missed something because someone else was talking.

Drinking some McCutcheon’s.  OH, Widmore once said that Desmond wasn’t good enough to drink it.

Desmond goes to the courthouse to pick up Charlie, the bass player for DriveShaft.    Wow, Charlie is walking across the street without looking.  I  guess he still has a death wish.  But instead of dying, he can’t seem to die.  It’s the opposite of what happened on the island.

Des and Charlie are talking about love.  Des says that he’s been in love thousands of times.  I guess there’s no Penny.

Charlie is explaining what happened on the plane and this feeling of love he experienced as he was dying.  Maybe the blond woman he’s describing is Claire.

Desmond offers Charlie a choice: keep drinking or come with him.

YOU ALL EVERYBODY!  Actin’ like you stupid people, wearin’ expensive clothes.

The marina where he and Penny docked their boat.

Charlie offers Des a choice: they are talking about what’s real and

WHAT THE!  Charlie REALLY WANTS TO DIE.  OH– he’s going to drown just like he did on the island.  And Desmond cannot save him…or can he?  Is Charlie going to drown?  DEJA VU!!!!!  Desmond just had a deja vu experience!  He got Charlie out of the car!!

COMMERCIAL: That was really weird and cool and I’m just sitting here with my mouth hanging open.

Desmond is fixing to have an MRI.  I bet it sends him back to the island.  THE BUTTON!  LOL — this is so hilarious!  It even sounds like the hatch.  IT’S PENNY! Awwww, I love Desmond and Penny.

Go, Desmond, go!

There’s Jack.  There’s Charlie!

“All that matters is that we felt it.”  Hmmm, “start looking for Penny.”  Hmmm.  Felt what?

COMMERCIAL — Dude, there’s just so much going on I can’t put it all together between the commercials.  Karl is asking if the universe is course-correcting.  All I can say is, “I don’t know.”  I don’t know what any of this means.  Does Penny even exist in this parallel universe?

[A little Alabama politics: Tim James has Fob’s nose.  “Now, Fawb.  You haaaaaad yo chance.”  Does anyone else remember that campaign?]

Uh-oh, Desmond is in trouble now.  He has to go see Mrs. Widmore now.  Is it Eloise?  Mankowski says, “Good luck.”

Yep, it’s Eloise.  I think she recognized him.

Well, she’s not upset about Charlie at all.  “What happened happened.”  Deja vu all over again.

AAAHHH!  “Milton, Penny, solo.”  OOOH, now Eloise isn’t acting so sweetly toward Desmond.

Now Eloise is giving Desmond the business.  Desmond’s search for Penny is a “violation.”  OOOH!  The one thing he wanted was her husband’s approval.  What is he not ready for?

Oh, this is all happening so fast!  Eloise knows what’s going on everywhere and at every time!

Funny line: Is there alcohol in here?

Daniel Widmore dressed up like Michael Jackson!  (EH HE!)  OH, this is going to a good conversation.


“Do you believe in love at first sight?”  Daniel is talking about Charlotte.  Daniel still has handy-dandy notebook full of quantum physics equations.  What if this wasn’t supposed to be our life?  What if we changed things?  Whoa, Daniel thinks he’s already set off a nuclear bomb.  “You felt it.”  “You felt love.”  She’s not an idea — she’s Dan’s half sister.  And Daniel is going to help get them together.  YES!

It’s the same stadium where Desmond met Jack!!  Penny’s running the tour de stade!  WEIRD!!!  CRAZY

The moment he touched her hand, he woke up on the island.  He’s ok!  He was unconscious for just a few seconds.

Well, I’m glad Desmond understands because I sure as heck don’t!

OH NO!!!  OH NO!!!  OH NO!!! (Zombie Sayid is killing again.)  Why is Desmond following Sayid?!  Does he know how it all ends now?  Does he know what he has to do?  He seems totally at peace now.

Now Desmond and Penny are together again in the stadium.  I just love them together.  Oh, I hope this turns out well.  But I have a feeling that the sacrifice he’s going to have to make is Penny.

Desmond totally seems to remember everything all of a sudden.  Oh, he KNOWS.  He knows everything.  Oh, this is going to be good.

Is it over already?  Ugh.

Hey, that’s Michael and Hurley talking on the beach!







Wow!  This was a great episode!!!  It looks like Desmond (on-island and off-island) knows everything about everything.  He’s got it all together.  He knows how it’s all going to go down and he’s not worried about anything.  That’s awesome.  Happily ever after, indeed.

What did you think of this episode?

13 Comments on “Lost “Happily Ever After”

  1. LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT…Des is one of my favorite characters, always has been.

    Eloise Hawking is Mrs Widmore…kinda wondered about that anyway 🙂

    I can’t wait until next week for more Hurley!


  2. One of the very best episodes! Desmond’s my favorite on this whole show, and now he’s pretty much key.

    I think what Widmore’s trying to do on island is precipitate an event that will bring about the alternate reality (an it seems he will succeed) that we’ve been seeing. The sacrifice may very well be Penny, but it looks like he’ll get to be with her anyway. When Des went through the MRI, I think he put it all together – remembers the island, etc. He needs to find the other passengers and tell them what happened and how it’s all better this way – see what they escaped? On island, I think Des realizes they have to do this to get him to the happy ending he isn’t having in that reality.

    Interesting that Des always wanted Widmore’s approval because of Penny – now he has his approval, but not Penny. I think Eloise knows all this – she and Widmore both know both remember before the event, and now Des is starting to, also. Still lots of questions needing answers, but I really feel like we got a BIG clue last night.

    I love your live blog recaps, and how you share what you’re thinking as it unfolds. I was thinking a lot of those same things.


  3. Oh, I missed Michael and Hurley on the beach? How did I miss that? THE Michael? How did he get there? I am going to have to go online and watch this episode again…my husband erased the DVR once we’d watched it and I must have blinked there at the end.


    • No, you didn’t miss anything. Michael wasn’t in the episode. He and Hurley were on the beach in the teaser for the next episode.


    • Now that I think about it — Michael’s dead. DUH! I guess that’s how Hugo was talking to him. I wonder if we’ll see Walt one more time? Can you believe we only have 5 more episodes?!

      On Wed, Apr 7, 2010 at 4:15 PM, Leslie Wiggins wrote:

      > No, you didn’t miss anything. Michael wasn’t in the episode. He and > Hurley were on the beach in the teaser for the next episode. > >


      • Right. That would make sense, wouldn’t it? Speaking of, do you think all the dead people we see on the island are really Jacob or MIB? I think that’s what I think. 🙂 Sorry if we’ve already gone over that.

        I’m going to miss it when it ends.


        • I don’t think so. Jacob has only appeared as himself. And MIB is stuck with Locke’s body now. I think the dead people we’ve seen and are going to see are really those dead people. And I bet Hugo is the only one who talks to them.


  4. I thought this episode was amazing. The best scene for me was when Daniel and Desmond talked. My jaw dropped when I paused my Tivo on the drawing he showed Desmond. It was pretty close to the same one as Caesar was looking at in “The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham” with references to different realities/timelines and events that connect them…Good stuff!


  5. I really love me a Desmond episode. I just feel like I’m not quick on the uptake when it comes to this show.
    I think you’re right that the sacrifice may be Penny.


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