LOST “The End”

Last night, Karl and I partied with some friends of ours who are also LOST fans.  We greeted one another with “Namaste,” wore leis, drank smoothies from coconut cups, and ate a big Dharma-logo-ed cookie.  It was so much fun watching with friends, but even more fun was untangling the ending TOGETHER.

I have a lot of thoughts about the ending.  I was rather disappointed at first, but I am beginning to accept it.

I have a full day of activity ahead of me and do not have time to share my reaction to the finale.  But I will.

Have a cluckity-cluck-cluck day!

One Comment on “LOST “The End”

  1. Like you, I was disappointed initially. I still am, sorta. It was built up to answer ALL our questions and now we learn most of the questions were never to be answered at all….

    But I did cry and I did think it was a moving finale. I thought it was a bit cheesy in parts and I’ve said all along, purgatory, purgatory, purgatory….

    Sad to see the characters go. I wish they would have included more than just Libby, Bernard, Rose, Shannon, etc. I would like to have seen Mr. Eko and a few others….

    I’m processing too and can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


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