Status Report…July

We’re only 7 days into July, I’m still drawing breath, so why not give you an update on my life?

I am sitting at the table in my laundry room, moving the loads from one machine to the next. I have to maintain a watch over our washing machine because the pipe threatens to overflow when the machine is draining. I don’t mind sitting in here most of the time, though, as this duty gives me an opportunity to read or write in seclusion. Who wants to hang out in our laundry room? Not many. I de-cluttered it earlier, so the atmosphere is more pleasant than it was. The bookshelf that Karl made for me is in here, so the room is kind of like an office. We also have a refrigerator in here = beverages within arm’s reach. I am sipping a Diet Mt. Dew, by the way.

I hear my children. They are negotiating what they will ask for various items they plan to sell in our yard sale this weekend. “This car does flips. Let’s say….$5.” See, I told them that if they would clean out their rooms and help me with our yard sale this weekend, then they can keep the money from the sales of their items. I seriously doubt those flipping cars will go for $5. The boys just came in here to show me a few things they’ve outgrown and what they’re asking for them. An old Alabama football uniform and helmet…$10. They put the uniform in a gallon-size zippy bag. “Guys, I have price stickers. Please stop using my bags and tape.” “Well, we did it the man way,” Noah replied. I guess men don’t use pink fluorescent stickers in their yard sales. They just announced that they want a section of the yard just for their things. Do I see a territory war in my future?

I am listening to a shuffle of my iTunes music. Playing now: “In My Life” Les Miserables (Disc 2). According to my iTunes DJ, the next 15 songs are:

Kind of a strange mix of songs.  If I had to choose a favorite from those 15, I’d choose…..ok, I can’t choose just one.  Top 3: “Going to California,” “I’ll See You In My Dreams” (this version is a tribute to George Harrison by Joe Brown and it is lovely), and “If Not for You.”

I’m between books at the moment, so I’m not reading anything.  I picked up a few books at an estate sale last week: The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards, Now I Remember by Ronald Hamilton, and a Calvin & Hobbes book. That second book, I don’t think it’s sold in the U.S. I noticed evidence of international travel around the house and the price is only listed in pounds. I can’t find much about it on the internet. It’s a book that connects England’s architecture to the events of its period. That short unit on the British Empire in 10th grade World History was one of my favorites….should be an interesting book.

Several things are weighing heavily on my mind and heart. I’m not one to bury my head in the sand when faced with bad news. But the news these days is all bad. The oil and gas volcano in the gulf breaks my heart. The gulf will be ruined for at least a generation IF they stop the disaster today. And the bungling/obfuscation regarding the clean-up makes me furious! The fact that our president will allow the fish and wildlife to die on the altar of his political agenda is SICK! The other thing that I find myself thinking about too much is the depth of corruption in American government. No matter which party controls the executive and/or legislative branches, they all have their price, and, in the end, will leave “the people” to pay the bill. If you think that things would be different had McCain won the election…. then I have an oil-free fishing spot in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico for sale. The only difference between McCain and Obama is that McCain would have pushed amnesty for illegal immigrants first.

OK, I have to change the subject before this turns into a rant. Breathe in, breathe out.

Hmmm….I have been enjoying summer. It’s sometimes unbearably hot and humid — just what a summer in Alabama should be. The big news down here revolves around the illegal electronic bingo machines at Greentrack and Gov. Riley. Listen, people, Bingo is one of the easiest games ever invented. If you want to play Bingo, then play Bingo. No need for machines.

I had to interrupt the writing of this post to keep the nursery at church tonight. I’m back home now and have totally forgotten where I wanted to go with this post. Speaking of my church, I have to praise God for moving the hearts of our people to sponsor children through Compassion International this past Sunday. I am praying that by the end of the month there aren’t any packets left in my box!

Are you a child sponsor? Have you written a letter to your child lately? Please write one today! In this video, a few Leadership Development Students discuss the importance of receiving letters from their sponsors.

Status: I’m still alive and tickled to be clicking “publish” tonight. Double plus good.

6 Comments on “Status Report…July

  1. I read the Memory Keeper’s Daughter a couple years ago – it was bittersweet, but a good read, I hope you enjoy it. I LOVE the playlist…it’s eclectic like mine. Glad, I’m not the only one that listens to symphonies usually reserved for Christmas in the middle of July. And thanks for the reminder to move writing my sponsor kids to the top of my agenda for this week! What kinds of things do you write about to yours? Mine seem to revisit the same old, same old, each time.


    • “Mine” as in my letters “revisit the same old, same old”, not the letters I receive from my kids.


      • I know what you mean. Maybe I’ll make letter-writing the topic of my next post.


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