If I Had Tweeted on Monday

7:30 Summer 1997 = the last time I visited an amusement park.  Alabama Advntr, here we come!

7:45 just had a divine appt because I took the wrong exit!  I make plans, but God directs my steps.

9:00 We’re in!  The $10 tickets are for real.

9:15 Sitting on the curb…gonna people-watch for the next 45.

9:30 The folks taking advantage of cheap tickets are an interesting bunch.  People-watching is my favorite!

9:45 Far too many girls walking around w/front of pants hanging open.  What’s up with that?!

10:00 bathroom, lockers, tubes, sunscreen

10:20 Abbey & I just finished first slide.  She <3ed it!

10:40 Two words: giant. bucket.

11:00 Lazy river — man, I’m getting old.

11:30 UpSurge!  Longest line evar!

11:45 1 man in line has taken it upon himself to be the tube police.  I’m torn…

11:45 He’s getting on my nerves, but I appreciate his keeping the tube thieves in check.

12:20 AT THE TOP!  8 yr old boy crying on the steps.  he’s scared to go down the slide.

12:25 Boy’s mom just pointed Abbey out 2 him.  “Look at that little girl.  She’s going!”  Not cool, mom, not cool.

12:30 UpSurge was worth the wait.  Awesome slide!

12:45 LUNCH @ The SwaggerWagon.  Ham & swiss on wheat, cheese-its, oreos, water, grapes.

1:00 feeding bread crumbs to pigeons in the parking lot

1:15 sunscreen, bathrooms and stroller rental; $12?!?  After the next few hours, it will be worth every penny.

1:25 just found out about the shirt rule…bummer.

1:27 going to find a t-shirt for Abbey

1:35 shop attendant needs to get off the phone.  less-than-stellar customer service 😦

1:40 $11.99 for shirt

1:45 blister on my toe popped — owie

1:55 Shirt on Abbey!  Now she can ride.  Hooray for no crowds and short lines!

2:00 Introduced to Justin Beiber by the Hurricane ride.

2:01 if i start dancing, will someone record me and put it on youtube?  better stand still.

2:10 just found out they’re giving away free ice water @ the chicken place uphill.  i’m there.

2:45 I may go home with a blister, but I refuse to accept a sunburn.  Time for more sunscreen!

3:00 Abbey is fearless.  She wants to go on the upside down ride, but she’s not big enough.


4:00 we rode the wooden coaster.  Abbey laughed the whole time.  I need to find a chiropractor.

4:30 log flume and river gorge are so fun

5:00 Making our way to the gate.  My girl is exhausted!  Time to head home.

5:10 Great day!!  Def worth $10 ticket.

8 Comments on “If I Had Tweeted on Monday

  1. Best post ever 😉

    12:25 … sorry, that was me. I tend to think that belittling my boy will give him courage. I’ve tried that and bribery both to no avail 😉 I am a desperate thrill ridin’ fool.

    12:45 … we had nearly the exact same lunch two weeks ago at Kings Dominion.

    Was it just you and Abbey? Fun times, momma!


  2. Fun idea for a post! Sounds like a fun day. Can’t wait until Ella’s old enough and I can leave the house for a whole day. That’ll be great!


  3. Enjoyed reading that. I wish Raine hadn’t gotten scared. Maybe next time she’ll enjoy it more!


  4. Too funny, and all too true (about tweeting)…you would have tweeted ALL day. You guys had a ton of fun 🙂


  5. Hi Leslie!
    Sounds like an awesome way to spend a hot Alabama day! I’ve been meaning to stop by to say hello… hope all is well with you & yours!


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