Would you ever…

I had to take our van to a mechanic’s shop this morning to get a little tire repair done.  I took a book with me, of course.  After a chapter or two, it became difficult to keep my eyes open.  I wanted so badly to just lean my head back and close my eyes for a few minutes.  But I didn’t because I knew my mouth would start that sleepy droop, my head would bob, and I might even snore.

I rolled my eyes when I saw this advertisement the other day, but this morning I seriously considered whether or not I was desperate enough to use one of these…

I decided to get up and walk around for several minutes.  I noticed a Piggly Wiggly was just across the parking lot, so I walked over, secured a Dr. Pepper to help wake me up, and picked up a few things I needed for making lasagna tonight.

And, no, I don’t think I’d ever use a Snazzy Napper. Would you?

6 Comments on “Would you ever…

  1. I just watched the video. I can’t say that I’d use one either. Of course, with 4 children, like you, I probably wouldn’t have much of a chance to use one anyway. 🙂


  2. Ohmygoodness! This is an SNL skit waiting to happen. How funny!

    I can say that I would not ever. Ever.


  3. No, because I’d look like the cross between a member of the KKK or an international terrorist. I’d rather have one of those neck pillows. What good is covering your eyes when your neck isn’t supported?


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