Becoming God’s True Women

A Thankful Thursday Post

This past month, our pastor has diverted from his usual preaching style (straight through a book of the Bible) to present a topical series on the importance of building spiritual walls in our personal lives, families, and communities.

In his sermon about building walls of moral purity for our lives he brought up the importance of accountability: developing close relationships with brothers & sisters in Christ, people whom we allow full access to our lives and whom we can trust to speak truth, encourage, and admonish us when we need it.

For about a year now, two other women and I have been getting together at least once a week.  For the first 6 months or so, our meetings were purely fun: just grown-up conversation and getting some exercise.  As we became more acquainted with one another, our conversations gradually became more weighty.  But about 5 months ago, after one of the women in our triad returned from the True Woman Conference, our relationships took a dramatic and serious turn toward becoming more of an accountability/spiritual edification relationship.  We still get together for the kids to play and for us and our husbands to just hang out, but on Sunday evenings following our church worship service, we meet for the sole purpose of sharing burdens, sharing victories, encouraging one another with the word and prayer.

For this Thankful Thursday, I am thankful for my sisters-in-Christ.  What a gift of God’s grace!  They love me (warts and all), speak truth to me, encourage me with God’s word, and pray for me.  They called me this week to find out how I was doing.  They told me again that they were praying for me.  They are holding me accountable to do the things we agreed that I needed to do (or not do, as the case may be).

Transparency and true community take time and effort and patience and grace…it can be messy doing life together because we’re sinners.  But it’s good.  God is good, and I’m thankful for what He’s doing among the women in my church family.

This weekend we’re hosting our own True Woman Conference with the resources and materials from True Woman.  If you’re in my area and want more details, send me a message.

2 Comments on “Becoming God’s True Women

  1. Thankful for you, Leslie, and the impact that you have on so many. You are loved and a blessing. I pray that this weekend is wonderfully refreshing and everything else the Lord intends it to be.


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