Double dreams! What do they mean?

The last couple of nights I have had two of the strangest dreams. The weirdest part is that I remember them! I hope they amuse you as much as they do me.

Monday morning I awoke with a mental picture of my friend April holding a baby and riding an elephant. I had traveled to Africa with her to help her pick up the new baby she and Jonathan were adopting. While we were there, she wanted to stop and pay a street vendor for a ride on his elephant. I was carrying a “real” camera and I knew how to use it.

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Today I awoke with the image of myself being cared for by Terrence Cody, a.k.a. Mt. Cody. I was a student again at UA, except the football team that year was last year’s championship team instead of the team that was actually there when I was in school. In my dream, I was Greg McElroy’s girlfriend. He was worried about something concerning me, so he put me under the protective care of Mt. Cody. We were planning a trip to Ireland because Bama’s opening game that year was going to be against an international pro-football team.  (Also, my and McElroy’s ancestors are there.)

I see three themes: very large things carrying small things, world travel, and one element is backwards in each one. In the first, April and the baby are riding an elephant, we are in Africa, and, rather than April being the photographer, I was the one tagging along to document their adoption. In the second, I am being looked after by the largest man I’ve ever seen play football for Alabama, we are traveling to Ireland, and, rather than losing for four years, the football team during my college days is a championship team set on world domination.


4 Comments on “Double dreams! What do they mean?

  1. Sounds like the ramifications of having watched all those Lost episodes are coming back to haunt you. 🙂


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