Thanksgiving Day 9

Today was another sweet day with my family. Blessedly uneventful. As I write, I’m feeling especially thankful for Karl. During our prayers tonight, he prayed specifically for my mind. He knows how I like to read and think and study, and that many days I lack the mental energy to do so after a day of homeschooling. It means a lot to me to hear him pray for me and to ask for something a little more specific than, “Lord, bless Leslie”. So without further ado, I’m going to try to finish writing a book review I started last night.


4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Day 9

  1. That’s good, Leslie…I always like something a little more than “Lord, bless her” prayers too 🙂 It helps to know when our husbands actually somewhat understand what our days may have been like.


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