Thanksgiving Day 10

OK, so I’m a day behind everyone else on the thanks giving.  It’s Thursday and I’m just now getting around to what I was thankful for yesterday.  I mean, I gave thanks yesterday, but I haven’t told you about it yet.  And everyone knows that if it isn’t on the internet, then it’s like it never happened.

I am thankful that all four of my children enjoy music, singing, and creating their own songs and tunes.  Hannah wrote her first song when she was about 5 years old.  It’s a song that calls for everyone to praise the Lord.  She and Benjamin have written a few together.  Noah likes to get in there to provide percussion.  Abbey tends to sing and dance.

It makes for a very noisy household, which can be a bad thing sometimes, but most of the time it’s good.  Someone is always singing or whistling or playing the piano or playing a guitar or blowing a recorder (lately, a kazoo) or tapping on a flat surface.  Last night, on the way home from church, the kids and I were singing Hillsong’s, “My Redeemer Lives.”  It was fun and crazy-loud, but at least we have a short ride home.  I’m most thankful that we can sing together the songs of the redeemed.

I won’t lie: sometimes the cacophony becomes unbearable, and I have to command my young musicians to be quiet for a little while (or I send them outside).  And when Daddy is home they know they have to tone it down.  But I know my home won’t always be this busy and noisy, so (most of the time) I try to enjoy their musical creativity and let them be.


2 Comments on “Thanksgiving Day 10

  1. Music by the Littles is always precious. I remember when our oldest wrote a praise song, and the pianist actually played it in church and we sang it. What a sweet moment! How wonderful that all of your children love music.


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