Deeper Still — Kay Arthur

Because of yesterday’s post, I feel as though I would be remiss if I did not share some of the posts inspired by last weekend’s Deeper Still.  Sophie (a.k.a Boomama) wrote a synopsis of Kay Arthur’s session.  A short video is also included. It sounds like it was a very strong sermon.

3 Comments on “Deeper Still — Kay Arthur

  1. I was going to send you that link. My only concern with it was one commenter who wrote that she was taking notes but got so captivated by Kay Arthur that she stopped writing so she could listen to her. I hope she was wanting to hear the Word and not Kay Arthur.

    It’s hard not to get enamored with famous people sometimes, even in Christian circles. I know I have to do a lot of heart checking to make sure I’m paying more attention to God’s Word than the words of others – preachers, authors, bloggers, etc.

    Thanks for these thought-provoking posts!


    • I read that comment, but I think she was saying that taking notes became a distraction to paying attention. That happens sometimes…you’re writing what someone says then realize that you’ve missed the last thing they said. Sometimes it’s better to just listen. And it can be difficult to keep up with Kay Arthur, no joke.


  2. I have to echo Leslie’s 12/8/10 3:08 PM comment. I have been to Deeper Still twice and all 3 of these women deliver God’s word in such a way that moves them out of the picture and has me on the edge of my seat, listening in amazement at our awesome God and His Holy Word. It is truly a Spirit filled event and while I admire and appreciate Beth, Priscilla, and Kay, I know that they are His instruments, chosen and used to carry out His plan and Glorify Him. My notes from these events don’t always make sense as I intermittently become a frozen, mouth open listener, no notes possible. 🙂 If you haven’t experienced these moments of being dumbfounded by your amazement of the Father, I pray that you will – soon.


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