Wisdom, Wonder, and Words

Today’s Good Reads

I’m just hopping online for a moment to share links to a few good blogs I read this morning.  I hope you enjoy them as mush as I did!

John Bird (creator of While We Sojourn) writes today about asking God for wisdom.  “[P]ride and wisdom are foes; where one is, the other isn’t. It takes humility to realize that we need wisdom, and it takes humility to realize that we must look outside of ourselves to find it.”

Kim Shay (creator of The Upward Call) is reading Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child by Anthony Esolen.  Today she shares a passage that reminds us parents of the dangers inherent in allowing our children to play outside.

Ann Voskamp and Holley Gerth are sharing their correspondence about the power of words.  As usual, Ann’s words start swimming in my eyes and leave me without any words.

I can’t say that I enjoyed Dr. Mohler’s column today, “The Global Scandal of ‘The Global Baby,'”but it did make me think.  The world is changing.  And I’m not sure I like the pace and direction of the change.

Cloud cover prevented my viewing of the eclipse, but, thanks to the internet, we can all enjoy it the day after AND in about 2 minutes.  Here’s video of last night’s lunar eclipse:

(Subscribers may need to click through to watch)

Happy Tuesday!

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