Thankful Thursday

The last 24 hours I’ve been dwelling on various situations that I cannot change. This may seem ridiculous, but I’m glad today is Thursday because this weekly blogging exercise is forcing me to give thanks.

I am thankful for my alarm clock. I am thankful for this quiet morning.
I am thankful for the Words of life I read a moment ago. I am thankful that I call God, Father.
I am thankful for the coffee waiting for me in the kitchen.
I am thankful that the city sends a large truck to come by my house to take away our garbage.
I am thankful that Hannah loves fractions.
I am thankful for clean water and indoor plumbing.
I am thankful for trees and grass and flowers.
I’m thankful for rain that washes away yellow pollen and leaves behind spring’s new green.
I am thankful for this last week of cold temperatures.
I am thankful for the birds’ songs.
I am thankful for Karl’s ability to work from home when he needs to.

I am going to go ahead and give thanks in advance…
for all the noise the kids are going to make today (and the many times I’ll rely on the Spirit to politely ask them to remember to use their inside voices),
for all the times I’ll have to remind them to clean up after themselves (and the many times I’ll rely on the Spirit to not scream about it),
for the arguments I’ll have to mediate (and the many times I’ll have to rely on the Spirit to mediate well),
for the difficulty of a child who does not want to do his/her school work today (and the many times the Spirit will supply the patience and perseverance I need to make that child do his/her work),
for all the patience and grace that God will provide me when I need it and in abundance,
for all the little miracles that are bound to occur when five people spend every moment of every day together and live to tell about it.

I shouldn’t have done that…that giving thanks in advance. The kids are still in their beds, and I’m already exhausted. Oh, well. Happy Thursday, y’all!

Two more things before you go:
1) Discerning Reader posted my review of Look Great, Feel Great by Joyce Meyer, if you’re interested in reading it.

2) Don’t forget to enter your name in the drawing for next week’s give away.

2 Comments on “Thankful Thursday

  1. “I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys unintentional Christian satire mixed with health and beauty tips.”

    That line really did make me LOL.


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