Thankful Thursday

And before I know it, it’s Thursday again. Time to share a few things for which I’m thankful.

* We’ve enjoyed a fun week of school. And by “fun week” I simply mean that we’ve done all of our work for the week. It makes me unhappy when we get behind in our schoolwork. SO, if I say it’s been a good week, I mean we did what we were supposed to do. That’s it; nothing special really. Tomorrow is our homeschool co-op day which means FUN learning, hanging with our friends, and no real schoolwork.

* Speaking of our co-op, I am so thankful for those moms and dads. Each week, they put in a little extra work so that our kids can learn and have a good time together. My kids are learning about Egypt, medieval times, woodworking, Alabama History, Logic, personal finance, and some-other-classes-I-can’t-remember. They’re getting fit and active in Crossfit and one other class called “Crazy Games.” I think that one might be a favorite. We always look forward to co-op Fridays.

* I am thankful for friends near and far who listen to me ramble (and/or read lengthy emails) when something is threatening to overwhelm my soul. True friends love you no matter what.

* Soup

* Clean/blank paper so full of possibilities

Thankful Thursday

Like most of us down south, this week I am thankful for…

– a warm shelter and blankets.

– all of my children under my roof. It’s been fun to have everyone here all day this week. It’s like Christmas vacation, part 2.

– knowing that all of our extended family are safe and warm.

– plenty of food in the pantry and refrigerator. It just so happened that Karl and I made a huge trip to the grocery store on Sunday afternoon. We had enough food for the week (almost unheard of at our house because I am a meal-planning failure).

 – no school for my oldest. She has been super-creative these last few days making clothes and dolls. She made an Ed Sheeran doll for a friend of hers who loves Ed Sheeran. (In other news, I learned who Ed Sheeran is).

Hannah Wiggins Creations Ed Sheeran doll

– the big Christmas tree is no longer in our living room.

What are you thankful for today?

Thankful Thursday

Angel statue Leslie Wiggins PhotographyToday was another busy day. The quotes from Elisabeth Elliot’s, Discipline: The Glad Surrender, that Becky shared today really convicted me about how I spend my time. I feel like I’m always in a hurry and like there is never enough time to do all the things I want to do, see, read, write, photograph. In fact, the last several weeks, I’ve — dare I admit it — worried about forgetting something important because we’ve had so much going on. Spring is a busy time. All that is to say that I’m thankful Becky shared those quotes today. They served as a good thump to my forehead. I realize now that I need to take some time to recalibrate and readjust my priorities, then create a schedule that reflects those priorities. This life of being dragged from one thing to the next is self-destructive. The end of the school year is a good time for evaluations like this. Oh, and it will be here before I know it!

I am thankful that there are good men like my father-in-law in this hard world. Several years ago, he saw a need for a local ministry center that could help provide food and clothing to needy people in the community. He organized the building and trained the volunteers. Today, it is a thriving, busy, gospel-sharing ministry. This morning, I dropped Benjamin off at the ministry center so that he could get some volunteer hours. It was my first time to be there during ministry hours. Everywhere I turned there were men and women receiving counseling, clothing, and food. They were covered up with people! I am thankful for the work they are doing. I am thankful that Benjamin thoroughly enjoyed his time spent serving, and that he wants to go back.

Last weekend, a few local youth groups got together to observe the 30-hour famine. It’s a time for young people to try to identify with the homeless and hungry around the world. My Hannah and Benjamin participated. They constructed shelters of cardboard boxes and slept on the ground. And they went 30 hours without eating. They spend Saturday morning doing ministry around town. One group visited elderly in assisted living. Another visited those in a nursing home. Then a third group did yard work for those who couldn’t do it themselves. At the end of it all, they broke the fast with Communion.

I am thankful for those 2 youth pastors — they really are the best I’ve ever known. I am thankful for the experiences Hannah and Benjamin had. At the end of the weekend, I heard that Benjamin helped installed a mailbox for someone. Hannah did her best to converse with the lonely people she met. Then, she sat at the piano to play and sing for them. I am thankful that all these years of piano lessons are turning into a way for her to minister and bless others. I hope my children will begin to see that learning music isn’t one of my many torture devices. 😉

I am thankful that I’ve seen some immediate fruit from the teaching last weekend, too. Hannah and Benjamin both went about their chores this week without any complaining. Benjamin even cut the grass without asking first what he would get paid if he did it.

Even though I’ve been in a spiritual funk for more than a few months (just being honest), I am thankful to have this glimpse of God being at work in someone somewhere. I may not have noticed had I not taken the time to sit down to write this post.


Thankful Thursday

I know. Technically, it is Friday. But, if you’re like me, then you don’t really begin to count the next day until you wake up. Ergo, it’s still Thursday.

But who is keeping up with the days this week anyway? It’s been nearly impossible to keep them straight thanks to the holidays. Wednesday felt like Saturday. Do you know how many times I reminded myself that I didn’t have to get ready for church today? At least once.

The funny thing is that tomorrow feels like it will definitely be Friday, which means another weekend is coming, which means that it’s felt like the weekend all week! Then it will be time for New Year’s Eve. Then a national championship celebration(ROLL TIDE). Then comes the inevitable crash-and-burn, the seasonal affective disorder because WE CAN’T HAVE PARTIES AND LAUGHTER AND PRESENTS AND SWEETS AND LATE NIGHTS WATCHING FAVORITE MOVIES ALL THE TIME.

Then a long winter, a groundhog, rains and storms, and spring, a wretchedly hot southern summer, 5 glorious minutes of fall, another mad-rush Thanksgiving and Christmas season, then, BAM, it’s 2014.

But, right now, it’s Thursday. And before I try to settle down for a few hours of shut-eye, I am thanking the Lord for a pain-free back. I feel so much better! Experiencing pain with every move is exhausting. Sleep is elusive. I am thankful to be able to wash dishes and pick up socks without pain.

Several friends sent messages to say they were praying for me. My family was praying for me, too. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thankful Thursday

I’m just sitting here. I have plenty that I need to be doing, but I’ve pulled a muscle in my back, so I’m not doing anything. Movement = pain. This is not a situation to which I am accustomed, and I do not cope well. I get angry because I can’t do what I want to do. Sleep was near impossible the last two nights.

I do not know exactly how it happened. I think it happened as I was pulling a box out of the boys’ closet. Or maybe scrubbing baseboards. See, Karl and I decided that we were going to spend this week giving each room in our home a deep cleaning. Normal people do this in the spring, but we have a tradition of doing big home projects during the Christmas break because we don’t have enough to do during the holidays.

I don’t recall which year it started, but for as long as I can remember Karl has “cashed in” his vacation days during the holidays (Christmas is his favorite). We decide on a project to do around the house that we never feel like doing on the weekends during the rest of the year. For several years, we chose a room to paint. But this year, we wanted to clean out and scrub everything. You know, to give 2013’s dust a fresh landing.

I’m pretty sure it was the scrubbing action that did it. Those muscles were under-worked. Now they are telling me all about it.

And now, here I sit, heating pad in place, grumpy.

Here’s the thanks part:
I am thankful that I am not caring for babies these days. My children are capable in the kitchen and bathrooms. They don’t need me for their every need.

I am thankful for my family. The tables have turned: I need them to take care of me today. And probably tomorrow. Sweet Hannah is making breakfast. I am so thankful for her.

I am thankful for anti-inflammatories.

I am thankful for this heating pad.

I am thankful for funny movies to watch while I convalesce. Just wish laughter didn’t cause stabbing pains. I think I’ll watch a sentimental Christmas movie next.

I am thankful for friends who promised to pray for me.

I am thankful for shelter in this bad weather we are experiencing today.

I am thankful that I’m not feeling as grumpy anymore.

Thanks for reading. I may blog more while I sit here.