Status Update — April

Sitting — on the bedroom floor; stretching after an early morning walk with a neighbor.

Pondering — the implications of this statement: “Your faith is personal, but it is not private.” I started a blog post, but realized about half-way through that it will require more careful thought. Maybe it will be ready by the end of the week. I decided to post this status update instead.

Reading — TableTalk magazine; Slave by John MacArthur; and The ASJA Guide to Freelance Writing.

Hoping — there isn’t too much tornadic activity today and tonight.

Also hoping — that someone can repair whatever is wrong with our AC. Why does it always quit on the weekends?

Looking forward to — camping and caving this weekend. Ben has moved from cub scouts to boy scouts, and we’re doing more adventurous outings. I love being outside and I think I’m going to enjoy accompanying the boy scout these next few years. If nothing else, these monthly campouts will give me more to blog about besides what I’m reading.

Avoiding — all news outlets. I can’t take it anymore; everything everywhere is horrible. And life is so much finer when I pretend that everything is wonderful. On the way home from church yesterday, Karl remarked how clear and blue the sky was. I thought, wow, looking at the sky, I can’t even tell that mankind is heading for total destruction and annihilation. We’re OK today. I can make a difference right where I am when I’m not mentally consumed with the things I cannot affect. For instance, I can’t stop irrational hatred between groups of people, but I can break up the fights that erupt in my own house.

Getting — up. Time to start some breakfast for the fam and have my coffee. It’s going to be a day.

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