Thankful Thursday

I am giving thanks for a great many things today. But the one I want to share on the blog is THE ELEPHANT ROOM. So far, I’ve only seen two clips from it, but I enjoyed them very much.

You may be wondering, What is the Elephant Room? Allow James McDonald to explain:

That image of sparks flying as iron sharpens iron is the perfect description of what happened during the actual taping. I appreciate McDonald’s vision for the event and have been inspired to be more mindful of my tone in discourse on my blog and across the Christian blogging community.

Here are two other clips from The Elephant Room:
Chandler and Furtick

and Driscoll and Noble

Which 7 pastors participated in The Elephant Room? Chandler, Driscoll, Furtick, Laurie, Noble, Platt, and McDonald. I’m thankful for the example they are trying to set. Looking forward to more clips!

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