Favorite Weekend Moments (before I forget)

I wish I had remembered my camera for our latest camping adventure. Instead, I have mental snapshots for each time I said, “Oh, I want to remember that flower, that rock, that stream, that person doing that thing.” Unfortunately, those images are already fading from memory. I jotted a few things down in my journal that will serve as a trigger for those mental pictures, but I’ll probably forget all of them eventually.

My favorite moments: watching Benjamin go on his first caving expedition; hearing all about the cave, the bats, and the challenge of squeezing through rock formations; hiking; dozing off, hat over my eyes, stretched out on a cold rock beside a waterfall; a visit from a fully plumed peacock; peacock eating from my hand; Benj forgetting he was surrounded by other boys and giving me a huge hug just because; coming home.

What I need to remember is that my camera wasn’t even the most important forgotten item. Forgetting my child’s asthma medication? That was a huge parenting failure.

Not only did not having his medicine increase my anxiety about everything Benjamin did, but it is just embarrassing. Aside from enjoying the camping experience, the main reason I tag along on his scouting trips is to make sure he’s safe among the sea of boys. No one’s eyes can watch as closely as Mom’s eyes, right? Well, I forgot the most important items that make being outside “safe” for my child. Hugely dumb. Epic fail.

The lesson: pack the asthma medication FIRST! Instead of counting the pairs of clean underwear and socks (which provide zero assistance during an asthma attack) stock the medicine bag. Don’t expect the child to remember his medicine.

I don’t know what is going on with my brain, but I’ve forgotten several important details in the last month. Sev-er-al. The result? Hurt feelings everywhere. I have an idea for why this is happening, but I do not want to admit that maybe I can’t do everything I want to do. Just being honest.

What’s the most important thing you’ve forgotten? Or what’s something you’ve forgotten and you felt really dumb for it?

4 Comments on “Favorite Weekend Moments (before I forget)

  1. You have a great blog, my friend. I love how you keep it real.

    And, on that note, I confess that one year I forgot my husband’s birthday. Very important. Felt very dumb.


  2. How about not keeping up with how much insulin was in the house for Preston and realizing on Easter sunday night that we are all out. Not only that, but the prescription was also out. Having to call the doctor and phoning it in to Walgreens. Did I mention it was EASTER so glad Walgreens is open on holidays! Parenting FAIL LOL!


  3. Heh! Well, I forgot our wedding anniversary one year! Thankfully, so did my husband 🙂 We were actually on a school trip in Venice at the time (my husband is a school teacher) – midway through the morning I suddenly remembered the date. Nice place to spend your wedding anniversary 🙂


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