Update: The radio station recorded a message in Spanish to repeatedly broadcast in hopes that someone in their community would hear it. Plus, a nurse called in to say that a medical team loaded with supplies was on its way to help them. Thank you and keep praying.

I just heard something terrible on the radio, absolutely terrible.

Tuscaloosa has a couple of Hispanic communities scattered around the county. I know many of our Hispanic neighbors lived in an apartment complex in Alberta City. I know some lived in trailer parks on the outskirts of town. Most people do not know about these communities and they were hit hard.

It was announced on the radio a few moments ago that when relief teams approach these destroyed areas to offer help, the people run into the woods in fear because they do not want to be deported.

They have been trying to live in their damaged trailers since last Wednesday without power or water. They are hungry and injured. The temperature is dropping; the low tonight is in the 40’s.

Please pray that they will come out. The local Catholic church has translators and food and shelter ready for them if they will just stop running away and come out.

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2 Comments on “Pray

  1. Yes, this is horrifying! I have some dear Hispanic friends who live in a trailer—fortunately not in Tuscaloosa–so this helps me to understand better. I am so glad more attempts are being made to help them. Think of the little children and babies.


  2. They are very sensitive people and so afraid of the authorities. When I worked for the newspaper, we wanted to do a story about the men who would show off their low-rider cars at Snow Hinton Park and about that kind of hobby. Just at that time the rallies started in California over immigration, and none of them would speak to us. They stopped gathering there. So glad they are finally getting help.


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