Thankful Thursday

After missing several Thursdays to publish my thanks, I am happy to sit and give them this afternoon.

I’d have to be crazy not to give thanks for being alive today. I’m thankful to be breathing, clothed, fed, and with a roof over my head. I do not deserve even that much. Everything else is gravy.

I am thankful that May has been a very mild month, weather-wise. We went camping last weekend, and, though Karl was dreading the heat and humidity typical for an Alabama May, the temperatures dropped to the high 60s!! He wasn’t miserable which meant that I wasn’t miserable.

We camped with some friends — our first camping trip with close friends — and had so much fun. They are more accustomed to backpacking/primitive camping, so when we unloaded our 10-man tent, welcome mat, Christmas lights, and gas stove, they had a good laugh. When the rain started, Karl joked, “If the weather gets severe, you guys can come get in our basement.”

Here’s a picture of our campsite on day 2:

I am thankful our friends enjoyed camping with us despite my hauling everything but the kitchen sink. Though there isn’t too much to tell, I may as well blog about the whole weekend. We did have one frightening experience.

Tonight, we celebrate the close of Abbey’s first year of ballet. I don’t know which of her parents she gets it from, but she loves being on stage. I’m thankful for a happy ballerina.

5 Comments on “Thankful Thursday

    • Your tent doesn’t look so small in the larger sized photo. Click it to embiggen.


  1. This brought a smile today Leslie. Hubby is a wilderness backpacker. Me.. a 40 ft motorhome would be more my speed. So glad you enjoyed your time.


  2. We’ve only been camping once. We bought a “four-person” tent for the four of us. Needless to say, we were packed in there like sardines. Not comfy. We’re going again this summer w/ some friends. I suggested a giant tent, much like yours. My husband suggested that I sleep in the 4-person w/ our two boys, and he’ll get one of those 1-person “tents” – aka, a cocoon. Clearly, we have opposing camping personalities. 🙂


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