Like living in a galaxy far, far away

My husband LOVES all things Star Wars. (I hope I don’t have to pay George Lucas anything for using those words together in a sentence). When the opportunity to use lines from the movies presents itself, he takes advantage. And, sometimes, people do not even notice that he’s just spouting lines from his favorite films.

For instance, yesterday, I had some trouble replacing the needle of my sewing machine. I got up from the table, walked to where Karl was working, and this happened:

Yes, he put it on facebook. I’m not exactly sure why.

What most people will not realize, however, is that his simple two-word reply make up a classic Harrison Ford improv line from The Empire Strikes Back. Even I, a woman who lives with a daily Star Wars reference, missed it because my mind was set on locating a pair of pliers. Perhaps your memory needs a little refreshing, too:

See? He was only channeling Han Solo. That’s alright, though, ’cause it’s fun playing his Princess Leia.

3 Comments on “Like living in a galaxy far, far away

  1. Totally would have caught that! We use it too. I think I have all three of the classic movies memorized word for word. That scene is epic. Actually the whole story is, but The Empire Strikes Back is my very favorite. “I’d rather kiss a wookie! I can arrange that!”


  2. I caught it! I’m a fan of that moment, and the other moment when Leia says it, too. But was that Harrison Ford improv? That’s an interesting fact.


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