Thankful Thursday — VBS

I am thankful for this week, the busiest week of our summer.

In addition to our morning hours poolside, we added a few hours of vacation Bible school to our evenings. The church even provides dinner for the youngsters. This particular church goes out of its way to make VBS awesome, and this momma is thankful. By the time we get back home around 9 pm, the kids have reached a level of exhaustion that goes unmatched until the next VBS. I love it!

Also, this is Hannah’s last year to participate in VBS as a student. It’s assisting and leading from here on out. Next thing you know, she’ll be taking her own kids to VBS. They grow up so fast! I wish I had a picture of her attending her very first one. Now that I think about it, it was a Veggie Tales VBS…I think I remember seeing a picture in one in her albums. I’ll have to hunt it down and post pics of her first and last.

2 Comments on “Thankful Thursday — VBS

  1. We have VBS coming up next month. We have dinner, too. It’s an exhausting week, though. I take that week off from work so that I’m not dragging myself. My husband & I will be teaching the 4 year olds this summer. We had them as 3s last year, and they were a blast. Can’t wait for it again this year!


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