Book Review: Get Wisdom

23 Lessons for Children About Living for Jesus
by Ruth Younts
Another excellent book from Shepherd Press!

Do not let this book’s small profile fool you! Get Wisdom is an excellent, easy-to-use resource for parents, children’s ministers and teachers.

In addition to teaching children the gospel, Christian parents want to instill godly character and behavior. But a line exists between teaching the gospel of grace and teaching children to be good in order to please God. Exactly how does a parent balance teaching God’s grace with teaching children why it is good to “be good” without also encouraging a prideful desire to please man?

While Get Wisdom may not provide a thorough, definitive answer to that question, it will help parents begin important conversations with a school aged child.

Each colorful two-page spread includes a character trait, its definition, scripture memory, writing space, and a prayer.

The Teacher’s Guide, located in the second half of the book, includes a suggested activity, discussion questions, and a role playing game.

This resource is suggested for children ages K5 to Grade 4. With very little preparation (for the activities), a teacher or parent can be ready for a small group or family time. I highly recommend it!

One Comment on “Book Review: Get Wisdom

  1. Leslie, I just got this book! i am so excited to start going through it with my little one (7yo).

    Thanks for another good review.



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