Thankful Thursday

I’m thankful for my Hannah. I am thankful for the time we shared last weekend. I don’t know that we’ve had extended time together, just the two of us, since we brought her little brother home from the hospital 11 years ago.

We were able to enjoy more time together than I had expected. Friday night, as I attempted to enter the arena, one of the hospitality/security detail informed me that I would not be allowed to take my camera with me into the arena. Even though I had had it with me all day, even though many security personnel had witnessed me walking around the stage taking photographs, even though my bag had been searched previously and OK-ed by another ticket-taker, this particular person was not going to let me in with my camera.

I told Hannah we would do whatever she wanted to do. If she wanted to return to the conference after we put my camera in the car, then that’s what we would do. The emcee had said that we wouldn’t want to miss the evening session. “We’re doing something we’ve never done before. It will be so fun!” To which Hannah replied, “I bet whatever they are doing won’t be as fun as walking around the city.”

And so we went exploring.

We explored CNN center

We explored Centennial Olympic Park

We explored our hotel

We talked until midnight.

I bought one of those Revolve Bible-zines for her because she thought it was so cool. But I think she only wanted it for the quizzes. Saturday evening, she quizzed me from Atlanta to Mercedes-Benz (Vance, AL). There were a lot of quizzes. A LOT. (I will have you know that I finally outgrew the boy-craziness that plagued my adolescence).

Thank you, Lord, for such a sweet daughter.

One Comment on “Thankful Thursday

  1. It is so sweet that you got to spend this one-on-one time with your daughter! What a blessing – for you and for her.


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