38 Reasons

Back in 2006, I wrote a post for Karl on his birthday. He turned 33 years old that year, and I listed 33 reasons I love him. Here is that post:

Karl is 33 today. Abbey can’t get over the fact that she is 3 and Daddy is 33. “We’re all 3’s!” she giggles. The house is full of excitement. Birthdays mean cake and ice cream and neatly wrapped boxes someone will get to tear open. My husbands birthdays, Fathers’ Days, and Christmases are unique in that he usually buys his own presents. I haven’t bought a gift for him in years. He’s the kind of guy who when he sees something he wants and has the money to buy it, he buys it. Why wait? This year his gifts to himself include books and tickets to the Eric Clapton concert coming to town next week. He also let me know he is wanting the new Star Wars Christmas ornament. As far as I know, he hasn’t bought this for himself yet. So the kids and I got out of the house this morning to go shopping. ***We got it***Karl, don’t go buy it***

Anyway, since Karl buys his own gifts, I really have to go sentimental on him. He swears he isn’t sentimental, but I have closets full of his stuff that he cannot part with to prove otherwise. To make his day a bit more special, I present to Karl (and the 25 people who read this blog), “Thirty-three Reasons I Love Karl.” Here they are in no particular order:

#1 I love you because you’re mine.
#2 I love the fact that you are a walking encyclopedia.
#3 I love your sense of humor.
#4 I love the way you turn into a human trampoline when the kids want to play.
#5 I love how you can always beat me in Trivial Pursuit, but rarely in Yatzee!.
#6 I love it that you “always have your nose in a bloody book.”
#7 I love the way you are constantly whistling or singing.
#8 I love the fact that no matter what, you are right.
#9 I love how you rub my back every morning.
#10 I love it that you never forget to kiss me goodbye and say, “I love you.”
#11 I love how you can speak the worst French and Spanish than anyone else on the planet and make me laugh.
#12 I love how you do the same things everyday, in the same way.
#13 I love how you never leave the house without a book of at least 60 cd’s.
#14 I love to hear you pray with the kiddos before bed.
#15 I love the way you apologize when you’re wrong.
#16 I love the way you talk to the boys about being men.
#17 I love it that you try to fix something before we call a professional.
#18 I love the way you show our family we are the most important people in your life.
#19 I love the way you can always tell I’ve had a long day.
#20 I love it that you go along with my ideas for a “family adventure.”
#21 I love you for learning how to play the guitar.
#22 I love the look on your face when you’re holding Abbey and you realize they’re all growing up too fast.
#23 I love it that we can hear your music coming down the street before we can see your car.
#24 I love how you know how to read a map.
#25 I love you for never getting us lost.
#26 I love that no matter what the problem is, you can usually fix it.
#27 I love it that you like being at home.
#28 I love the way you can quote movie dialogue from start to finish.
#29 I love how you can never find what you’re looking for.
#30 I love the way you sit down and make a list before you do something.
#31 I love your efforts to make our home a nice place to be.
#32 I love you for staying up later than you should just to talk to me.
#33 I love your stubbornness, especially for when it would not let you let me go.

Happy Birthday! I love you, Karl!

With the exception of a few things, most of my reasons are exactly the same. He still buys his own gifts. He’s still mine. He still has that encyclopedic mind. Despite five additional years of playing Trivial Pursuit, I still haven’t beaten him. He still whistles and sings all the time. He is still terrible about finding items he’s misplaced. He’s still a homebody.

But too much has changed in five years. Some changes I’m indifferent to, but some I wish didn’t have to change. When it comes to reading, his nose is in an iPad instead of a physical book. He uses a GPS instead of a real map. Instead of lugging a binder of CDs everywhere, it’s an mp3 player. The guitar doesn’t come out as often. The kids traded him in for a real trampoline. When Abbey sits in his lap, her feet reach the floor.

Of course, there are a few things on the list that he doesn’t do anymore, but I enjoy remembering.

It is 2011, he’s turning 38 today, and I’m adding five reasons to my list.

#34 I love you for always telling me the truth.
#35 I love you for doing outdoorsy things with me even though outdoorsy things are not your favorite things.
#36 I love you for encouraging me to overcome my fears.
#37 I love sharing the big chair with you when we watch t.v.
#38 I love you because I love you.

I hope your 39th year is awesome!

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