We took a short vacation to Gulf Shores, AL, the last week of September. I must have entered a time warp because I’m pretty sure we drove home yesterday. I can’t tell you anything significant about last week. Makes me wonder what in the world I’m doing with all of my time.

On the whole, we all had a good time. The weirdest observation I made while away is that my kids turn into whiny little monsters when we go places. OK, not all four of them at the same time. They took turns. (Yay, for sharing!)

As soon as we arrived, it started. It’s like (s)he assumed every moment was supposed to be filled with activity and fun and that any moment of stillness meant the end of everything good. As soon as we finished a meal, the next question was, “What are we eating next?” As soon as we came in from the beach, the question was, “What are we doing next?” In fact, the only time they weren’t complaining was when they were in the water.

This picture of Abs makes me laugh: the glasses are huge and she had a beach towel draped around her shoulders.


Normally, we bring games with us. But I didn’t pack any games this trip because, based on vacations past, we never play them. They are bulky and take up precious packing space. If we never play them, why pack them? Instead, I decided we would visit the library on our way out-of-town. Everyone checked out a short stack of books.

Wouldn’t you know it, on our rainy day a couple of the kids didn’t want to read their books. They wanted to play games! I’m feel certain that if I had brought our games from home, they wouldn’t have wanted to play them. They found a game in the TV cabinet. It had a few missing pieces, but they made it work. The irony is that the grown-ups started complaining because the Trouble bubble was too noisy. HA!

The cousins joined us mid-week to make everything better. Plus, they brought Clue!

As soon as we got in the van to go home, the complaining stopped. Totally. No one asked for a single thing all the way home. Were they exhausted? Were they relieved to be going home? Was it because they knew what to expect from there on out? I don’t understand it now, but I’m determined to get to the bottom of it before we go camping in a couple of weeks. (The same thing happened on our last camping trip.)

Does anyone else have children who exhibit different behaviors or attitudes when you leave town or spend the night in a different place?

I spent a lot of time taking pictures. This is one of my SOOC favorites from the sunrise:

One from sunset, also SOOC:

I followed that heron around for about half an hour (or longer) while he ate his dinner.

I hope I didn’t make our whole vacation sound like a disaster. Everyone had a good time. I just noticed more complaining than usual, it’s on my mind today, and I blog whatever’s on my mind.


Don’t forget to enter the drawing for a Lilla Rose Flexi-8 Clip. I wore mine all day yesterday and didn’t get the usual ponytail head/scalp-ache.

6 Comments on “Vacationing

  1. They didn’t complain on the way home because you read “Hunger Games” aloud and it was awesome.


  2. I haven’t noticed the complaining being particularly bad on vacation, but I think it is particularly bad anytime we do something that has expectations attached to it. and I feel like I spend as lot of time trying to meet expectations. While trying to lower expectations and increase thankfulness, I’ve also asked my kids, what are the one (or two or three) things you most want to do this summer/vacation, etc. That way I have a short list of each persons priorities and I can plan more effectively or immediately nix expectation that are way out of the realm of reality. 🙂


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