Last week, I took some shots of my nephews during our walk around the lake.

Here’s what I love about the original: lens flare, sunlight on the water and spilling over their heads, the way they’re standing.

I like the sunlight on their heads, but I don’t really like the way it’s creating a thin halo around their bodies. I just don’t know how to get rid of it. I played around a little bit and came up with this:

If you can’t tell, I really like the sunlight. But do you think it’s too much? I do think the water looks prettier without it. I’m thinking of blowing it up and gifting it to my sister-in-law. When I work on it again, I’ll delete the sign on the other side of the lake (funny that I never noticed it until now). Share your comments, opinions, pointers, etc., please.

I may make this photo critique a weekly feature.

2 Comments on “Nephews

  1. I like the first one. I kinda like the thin halo of sunlight around their bodies. The second one is just a little too bright for me. Awesome shot either way. You are a great photographer. I especially loved the picture of your Christmas tree. Sooo pretty!


  2. Mrs. Wiggins,
    My mom from awalkinmygarden really likes your blog and pointed out this post to me, so I set of in search of a cure. I have found a way that while time consuming, worked farlly well on the picture I copied off of your website. If you use a clone tool (I was using one on a website called Picnik) set the edge hardness farly soft, the tool size much bigger than you would normally, and use just the edge you can efectively remove much of the halo. For the heads (which I was not able to fix using the clone tool) Picnik’s burn, shine be gone, and highlight tools can remove most of it.
    On a side note, I rather like the halo. It is an artsy effect that many photographers try to create.

    Hope it helped,


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