Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for a gainful writing and editing job. I am praying for more opportunities like this one. I have thoroughly enjoyed sipping my coffee, thinking about words, punctuation, writing and revising. This enjoyment in a “job” makes me wonder why I never considered majoring in English while I was in college.

I am thankful for this blogging community. I have been encouraged by your messages and comments.

I am thankful Hannah has a good mind. She has been preparing for the Science Olympiad for a while now. The competition she entered is Food Science. For the last few months she’s just been reading and learning about various ingredients and how they act/react in a recipe. Excuse me, formulation. I’ll spare you the boring details regarding all this competition entails. (It has really made me wonder if it was right to throw her into this. The competition is for slightly older students. There’s no turning back now.) We’re in the final stretch, and she has to begin applying what she’s learned as we near the competition. Tonight, she made a cake and icing from scratch. Maybe it isn’t really that big of a deal, but she impresses me.

I’m thankful that I kept all of my college text books. My cooking class lab manual and nutrition texts are excellent food science resources!

I am thankful for warm gloves and heavy coats and hats. Our mild Alabama climate is experiencing the annual dip into frigid temperatures. The low tonight is in the 20s (F). Last week, we were wearing shorts, if you can believe it. This extreme cold never lasts very long, but it gives us an opportunity to wear our cold-weather clothes, i.e. jacket heavier than a wind-breaker.

I am thankful for my father-in-law. His birthday is this weekend. It is only fitting that I give thanks for him in my thankful list because, without his birth, life as I know it wouldn’t exist.

We celebrated another birthday in our family recently. This is Maggie-Mae. She was a little camera-shy at first.

But she warmed up to me.


2 Comments on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Leslie, congratulations to Maggie Mae and it is wonderful that Hannah is baking and using food science. I am sure she will do well, and in fact, already has – what a wonderful gift to have a daughter who enjoys experimenting in the kitchen. That gift will bless her and others for life.


  2. What a great list! I’m glad you’re writing and earning from it. That’s wonderful. And I’m also thankful for Hannah’s mind and how she’s using it. I love watching my own children learn and being impressed by what they can do.


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