Thankful Thursday

If you read Challies’ blog, then you already know that he is not going to continue supporting Discerning Reader. Even if something works out so that the site continues, it isn’t likely that I will write reviews for it since I was “hired” under Tim’s ownership.

I am giving thanks this Thursday for six good years (this March) enjoying the opportunity through DR to read good books, to practice writing, to practice discernment, and to interact with readers who appreciated my reviews.

It would be a shame to neglect mentioning Mark Tubbs, long-time managing editor of DR. Many of you may not know that Tim stepped back from managing and editing DR a few years ago, handing it over to Mark to keep the site going with new reviews and articles. He sacrificed a great deal of time and energy to keep it going, connecting with publishers and authors, and securing books for myself and other reviewers. Thank you, Mark.

On a personal note, I will be forever grateful to him for believing that I could write something more than book reviews and blog posts. He has been encouraging and inspiring me to write (and take myself seriously) for three or more years now. I am so very thankful for that.

While my time with DR may be ending, I can still read books, write reviews, and practice discernment right here on my blog. Lord willing, Alabamenagerie isn’t going anywhere. Long live free blogging platforms!

6 Comments on “Thankful Thursday

  1. Yes, I echo your voice: “Long live free blogging platforms!” -*raises glass of wine* – 🙂

    Looking forward to many book reviews here.


  2. So glad you are not going anywhere! Although I don’t always comment (I’ll try to get better about that!), I love reading every post and I’m always encouraged by what I find here!


    • Didn’t mean to hit “enter” so quickly!!! Anyway, keep up the good and God exalting work you do here on the blog and in your home! I am blessed by it!


  3. So kind of you to say these things, Leslie. It has been a labor (or “labour,” as we say in Canada) of love managing DR, especially with the side benefit of coming to know fine folks such as yourself. I still think you have a book or three in you and will happily serve as editor when the time arises.



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