Status Report – February 2012

Sitting…at the computer table.

Hoping…oh, my hopes for this year are set so high I don’t know what to do with myself. All good things, good hopes. The only problem is that they are so impossible for me to accomplish that it’s ridiculous that I even dare to hope for them. They are all, every single one, so far out of my grasp today it will be a miracle if any of them come to pass. Sunday morning, however, I was encouraged when our pastor announced our church’s verse for the year: Luke 1:37. Look it up and then have a good laugh with me, kind of like Sarah did when the visitors told Abraham she would have a son.

Wishing…I had more time to blog this week. I have some thoughts about some things, but no time to sit down and write sentences for mass consumption. In fact, I should be doing my dishes right now, but instead I’m pounding on these keys. I wish I didn’t have to wash dishes.

Realizing…two things: 1) My hope is in God. If he wills that a thing shall come to pass, then it will. 2) That I am responsible for working and doing what I can, but, ultimately, #1.

Reading…The Silmarillion by Tolkien and the Bible. I also started working through a study of Ephesians by Wendy Alsup. Hey! Maybe I’ll blog about that.

Enjoying…Dr. Horner’s Bible-reading plan. Intimidated on January 1, I see now that cutting out all of the other books hasn’t been as painful as I thought it’d be. I’m also enjoying teaching my class of 3rd – 5th graders on Wednesday nights. I shared the gospel with them tonight.

Thinking…about the Doctrine of the Trinity. Y’all, it’s not the easiest thing to explain. I have it straight in my head, but to articulate it to a couple of 8-year-olds is difficult. Because of the ER2 controversy this week, I found myself keenly aware tonight of the words I used to describe God and which person does what in salvation. This afternoon, as I was going over questions and answers with Abbey, I kept probing her to make sure she had a good understanding of the trinity. Finally, she said, “Mom! 3 persons, 1 God. It’s easy. Just memorize it and believe it.” Also thinking…it’d be nice to be 8-years-old again.

Looking…at pictures of my neighbors that I took this past weekend. She needs pictures of her family since the new addition, and I need to practice taking portraits. Win-win! I really enjoy taking pictures. I’ll share a few below.

This is my friend Linda. She came by last Monday to visit for a little while. We drop in on each other every now and then. This usually means that the one getting dropped in on has to run to her bedroom to put on decent clothes. One thing we have in common is that we both tend to wear our jammies longer into the day than most people.                                                                                                                                                                                      This is the Linda I see most of the time. Effortless beauty, photogenic, hip.

Below is the Linda who showed up for picture day. When she hopped out of her minivan, I think I gasped. She’s so, so pretty! I mean, in three years we’ve only ever seen each other bra-less and in pajama pants and pony-tails. Everyone needs a comfortable, easy-going friend like Linda.

She’s simply beautiful!

This next one is of the whole family.

FOUR boys! They are a fun bunch. Our kids love playing together.

I really hope she likes the pictures. There’s that word again.

2 Comments on “Status Report – February 2012

  1. I very much enjoyed your status report. I can relate to the running around in your jammies all day. Some days are like that. And beautiful portraits of your friend and her family! It’s fun when you get someone to practice on. And I’m with Abbey, after an intense time of thinking and trying to understand deep things, it’s refreshing to stop worrying about the things I can’t understand and just believe it. Thank you for sharing the gospel with those kids! We’re grateful for you.


  2. I’ve long felt that the Trinity is just something you just have to take on faith. It’s good that we analyze our beliefs when something like ER2 comes up. But I think many times these incidents cause us to be overly analytical. The truth is, we could explain it to some people in the most eloquent and well-thought-out manner possible and they still won’t believe it. I’m not saying we shouldn’t be able to articulate or defend our beliefs, but I’m with Abbey on this one.

    Professor Horner’s system really intimidates me. I’m doing the M’Cheyne Bible-reading schedule (D.A. Carson) and having a tough-enough time keeping up with that. But I’ve committed to myself that this year, I’m going to make it!


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