This Week in Homeschooling

This week, as I mentioned on Monday, I thought we were going camping. I thought I would be packing. I thought I’d be living outside on a mountaintop for a few days. I didn’t think I’d be doing any school; therefore, I didn’t really have a plan for this week. Nevertheless, there’s always something we could be doing; the learning never stops. Right?

Monday, we didn’t do any school lessons. However, we did work on some life skills. The boys completely cleaned and reorganized their room (with the help of their big sister). Abbey kept her nose in a Beverly Cleary book all day. I kept my nose in a coffee mug and a few books, checked the progress of the boys’ room from time-to-time (this job took the entire day — oh, it was bad), made a plan for the week, and baked a ham.

Tuesday through Friday were pretty normal. We studied gases, found the areas of irregular shapes, discussed the elements of a story (and wrote a couple of our own), learned the difference between direct and indirect objects, memorized more prepositions, multiplied mixed numbers, spelled a lot of words that end in -tion, solved for x, memorized some scripture, learned how to punctuate dialogue, continued our study of the Greeks, read more chapters of The Iliad (a retelling published by Greenleaf Press, not the actual poem), took some tests, visited the orthodontist, visited the library, babysat for a friend, and tried to get plenty of exercise.

What’s strange is that when I think about what we do in a day, when I remember how many times I had to ask, “Did you finish…?” it doesn’t seem like we did enough work. But when I look at a list of what we covered, it makes me feel like we actually accomplished something. This is doing wonders for my teacher-esteem! I think I’ll write this post every week!

Of course, when our schooldays are running smoothly, the rest of the house suffers. I didn’t stick to my diet because it was easier to make simple, not super-healthy meals (and I didn’t want to go to the grocery store). I’m behind on washing the dishes. I have stacks of papers, magazines, and curriculum catalogs (tis the season) that need to be sorted. I have stacks upon stacks of graded papers that need to added to my grade book. Oh, it gets worse: I haven’t put away my clean laundry which Karl so lovingly washes and folds for me/us each week.

Therefore, I will be signing off now so that I can tackle the dishes before I go to bed (I’m writing Thursday night).

For next week, because I’m flying by the seat of my pants here, I’ll try to take some pictures so that you can see what we’re up to. Photos just make a blog post more interesting for the eyes.

One Comment on “This Week in Homeschooling

  1. I loved this! I can relate to the feeling of realizing exactly how much I’ve done in a day when I make a list. The problem is that a woman’s work (or the work a woman thinks about) truly is never done. As soon as school gets out I would love to come and talk about curriculum with you!


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