Growing in my garden

I’ve scaled the garden down quite a bit since we started a few years ago. This summer my goal is simple: make salsa and guacamole. The only ingredients I’ll have to purchase from another gardener are onions, avocados, and limes.

These are my herbs: parsley, basil, chives, and cilantro



Green bell pepper

We have some blueberries!

And my favorite…

Also, I have lilies and lantana, but they haven’t bloomed yet.

What are you growing this summer?

11 Comments on “Growing in my garden

  1. Beautiful pics, Leslie! We have only tilled. So, we haven’t gotten our tomatoes, jalapenos, cantaloup, cucs, basil and watermelon going yet. My thyme, mint and tarragon are always in great shape and I “found” cilantro in the lawn and rescued it (had been planted in our previous garden location 2 yrs ago.) It’s going to be a banner year for our blueberries. Yippee! And my peonies are about to open up! (It’s the most wonderful time of the year….)
    So, please, please tell me how you got your parsley and cilantro to be so happy. Are they from seed??? I’ve NEVER had success with parsley and I’ve had almost no success with cilantro. Help!


    • Jalapenos–I should plant some!

      Hmm, I’m not sure that I did anything to make the parsley and cilantro happy. They are from seed. After they sprouted, I moved them from smaller pots to the large containers you see in the picture, plus water and sun. I haven’t done anything special. My oregano, on the other hand, never even sprouted. Have you tried growing oregano?


      • hahaha, i avoided mentioning that…. my oregano is BEAUTIFUL! and totally worthless. i mean worthless. it blooms beautifully but has zero flavor. my sister and i both got some of the same batch from my mom and both of us say the same thing. weird.
        if you do jalapenos, you won’t need very many plants. maybe 2. unless you really like putting them up in the freezer. they produce like crazy even if you are sans green thumb, like me 🙂
        ok, so i guess i will give parsley and cilantro another try. (and dill, perhaps?)


  2. We haven’t ventured into much gardening around here, but if you have any leftover salsa and guacamole, we would love to partake!


  3. Can your extra salsa. I canned some last summer, but it wasn’t enough! I’m hoping to do much more this summer. You may want to only plant 1 or 2 jalapeno plants. We had 4 last year and had WAY too many peppers!


    • I’ve never tried canning. I’ll need to find someone with experience who can teach me. About the jalapeños: we’ll probably only need one plant; I’m the only one who’ll eat them.


  4. Ohhh, fun!!! Looking great. I am sure will enjoy your salsa! YUM! I just love herb and veggie-planter gardens. The peppers look great and you make me want to plant cilantro of my own.
    The winter was so warm around here, my herbs didn’t die back and my oregano looks like a bush already,
    Why is it that seeing a bud or a plant grow brings so much pleasure? IT is one of those simple blessings of life that makes a smile spring to face..


  5. Nice work! I have a gardenia bush and wait hopefully every year for it to bloom, but so far it never has.


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