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I’m not a big TV watcher. Well, I used to be. But the best shows on television ended their runs a few years ago (LOST and 24, just in case you didn’t know).  The only show that I consider “must-see” these days is “Duck Dynasty.” I like to watch it when it airs and then we watch it again later. I watched the bullfrog/golf course episode at least three times; it is one of the most hilarious things I’ve ever seen. The last time I remember laughing that hard over a tv show, Rudy Huxtable and her friend Peter attempted to use Cliff’s new juicer to make jelly. The new season of DD starts October 10. I expect more glorious nuggets of Uncle Si’s wisdom, like this gem:

Anyway, there is a new slate of shows for this year. After watching all the teasers for the various network offerings, we decided only one was potentially worthy of our time (other than football, of course). I take that back; we are going to watch 2 shows.

First, we’ve recently started watching the first season of “Once Upon a Time.” It’s actually pretty good. The Queen has cast THE most wicked curse, the curse of all curses, on Snow White, Prince Charming, and the entire realm. Everyone is doomed to live in an alternate reality in a town called Storybrook, Maine, without any recollection of their true identities. It is positively dreadful. Before the queen enacted her curse, however, a good fairy cast a counter-spell that enables Emma, Snow White and Prince Charming’s daughter, to begin rescuing the people of Storybrook on her 28th birthday. Somehow she is going to help them remember who they are. Season 2 begins tonight. I guess we’ll just utilize the dvr and try to catch up before season 3 starts next year. The question I have, though, is why does it seem like the curse is affecting Emma? She was placed inside the magical tree/wardrobe thing before the Queen’s curse took effect. If the wardrobe was supposed to protect her from the spell, then why does Emma have to be convinced that their fairytale selves are their true selves? Shouldn’t she already sense that her existence isn’t what it’s supposed to be, thereby making Henry’s assertions ring true to her? Shouldn’t she have “awakened” on her birthday? How did Henry discover that Storybrook wasn’t reality?

The second show we’re going to give a try is Revolution. Somehow, the power goes out everywhere. And by everywhere I mean the whole world is without electricity. Forever. For some strange reason, no one is capable of turning the power back on. I mean, Ben Franklin got out there with a kite and figured it out. Thomas Edison played around in his workshop. But, apparently, no one in the 21st century knows how to think and/or tinker in order to rebuild. As a result, society deteriorates; the USA is dismantled; militias try to maintain control over firearms, food, and people. There are a few, however, who secretly possess the keys to turn the power back on. It’s still too early in the season to write anything substantial about the show. I have enough questions to keep me interested, though. On the negative side, I am not liking the bad language; it’s just so unnecessary.

Most of the time, football is the only thing showing on our tv screen. Sunday, Monday night, Thursday night, and all day Saturday we can find a game. That doesn’t mean we’re all sitting around watching it, but that’s what’s on. I have learned to appreciate the NFL, but I love college football the most. I love the bands and familiar songs, I love cheering for my school (ROLL TIDE!), I love the crazy fans, I love watching an athlete play his heart out, and I absolutely love a good nail-biter.

SO, that’s what I’ll be watching this fall. What about you?

5 Comments on “Fall TV

  1. We’re still into “Person of Interest,” “White Collar,” and “psych” as well. Although none of them hold a candle to “Lost,” POI is comparable to later seasons of “24” when you knew Jack was invincible.


    • I rarely sit for a whole episode of “psych.” I still like it, but it isn’t a “must-see.” I lost interest in POI and “White Collar” a long time ago.


  2. I’m going to try “Elementary”. Other than that, it’s football, the occasional Cosby re-run, and whatever Masterpiece DVD I’ve checked out from the library.


    • Oh, yeah, Masterpiece stays scheduled to record no matter what. I guess I didn’t think about it for this post because it’s a year-round thing. 🙂


  3. We are not huge TV watchers either. Primarily, we’ll be watching the final season of Fringe. I’m also thinking about giving Revolution a try…hoping it evokes feelings of Lost (which shall forever be missed). 🙂


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