This Post Began on Monday

Life, time, responsibilities are charging forward whether I want them to or not. Normally, I enjoy the organized chaos: the rush, the hurry, the chauffeuring, the abundance of activity. Today, however, I need things to slow down. Do you ever just need everything to stop for just an hour or two so that you can get your head in the right space? Well, not to get your head in the right space, but to catch up. I mean, my brain feels a few hours behind everything today. So, I’m going to do what I do best: procrastinate. Aaaahhhhhhh, procrastination blogging feels so good.

It’s not that I’m too stressed or not able to take a break, it’s that when I’m taking a break, I feel the pull to the next thing on the agenda. I don’t feel prepared for today. And I hate this feeling. I should have taken time Sunday afternoon to plan and prepare for Monday, but I was so thoroughly enjoying sitting still, doing nothing that I thought Monday could take care of itself.

Well. Monday showed me.


Tuesday was a productive school day. I love it when all of the assignments are finished. The only bad thing is that it means more grading for me. I HAVE to figure out a good process/flow for getting all of the grading done. My turn-in tray is almost overflowing!

The older kids and I are wrapping up our reading of Eusebius’ The Church History. They have a big evaluation coming up on Thursday, and I’m a little anxious for them to do well. So far, I am pleased with our progress this year. The workload has been heavier than previous years, but I feel good about my decision to change curricula.


Today is Wednesday, and I’m just getting around to wrapping up this boring post. I apologize if you’ve read this far. I feel like my blogs are at the live or die stage: either I start writing and clicking “publish” more regularly or I have to let them die. Or lie dormant, which, on the internet, is as good as death. And I had such high hopes for blogging in 2012! I’m not sure what happened to all of my blogging plans, but they appear to have come to nothing. I suppose it’s a good thing that maintaining a blog isn’t the priority it once was.




2 Comments on “This Post Began on Monday

  1. My blog lies dormant much of the time. Lack of motivation and an increasing desire for a quiet life have nearly killed my blog!


    • I’m struggling with wanting two things that seem difficult to balance. I want to blog and interact with my online friends, but I want to keep a majority of my life and family private and on a need-to-know level. So, I have to write about other topics while rarely putting anything personal on Facebook/twitter/blog. The problem is finding time to think through those other topics and blog about them. I could write the heck out of politics right now, but I don’t want my blog to be censored by Da Man. KnowwhatImean?


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