November Status Update

Sitting…in my bed. I wanted to sit here and quickly write up a post detailing my adventure in the Sipsey Wilderness, but I’m finding that the composition of a post with, you know, a point…is more difficult that it used to be. I’m out-of-practice.

Drinking…water with a splash of Blueberry Lemonade Mio.

ReadingLes Miserables.

Watching…Duck Dynasty. Several weeks ago, I shared my television watching goals for the fall. They included Once Upon a Time, Revolution, and Duck Dynasty. The only show I continue to watch is Duck Dynasty. There happens to be a DD marathon on tonight, which makes me happy, happy, happy.

Truth…I am not really happy, happy, happy. It’s going to take more than a silly television show’s marathon to accomplish that feat. In reality, I am anxious, frustrated, depressed, disappointed, overwhelmed, sad, angry, and can feel the bitterness growing…but no one wants to read nor hear about that. Hey! I’m just being honest.

Trying…to be thankful. OK, truth? I’m not trying hard enough.

Waiting…for a blank square on my calendar.

Enjoying…the cold weather, sweaters, heavier blankets, soups, fall colors, leaves on the ground, and Bama’s football season. We play Texas A&M tomorrow.

Wishing…you a goodnight!

One Comment on “November Status Update

  1. Leslie,
    Thanks for the Nov. Update. I am sorry to hear that you are going through a rough time – those are not easy. Praying God meets you at every turn with each thought. Sending Love and Prayers,
    Grace, Peace and Joy,


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