Our visit to Mt. Cheaha

Two of our children are taking Alabama History this year, and we’ve taken a few field trips for hands-on learning about our beautiful state. One of our trips was a visit to Alabama’s highest point, Mt. Cheaha. I had not visited Mt. Cheaha since I was a little girl, so I was excited to get to go again with my children. We enjoyed hiking to the edge of the mountain. I repeatedly reminded myself to stop freaking out when the kids wanted to walk all over and explore the rocks. Those in authority over me granted me the freedom to do the same things when I was a youngster and nothing terrible happened. I was sure enough on my feet and smart enough to not do anything stupid, so why shouldn’t I trust them to be just as careful? So, I tried my best to relax and let us enjoy ourselves.

The kids spotted this sign while we were stopped for a bathroom break and found it so hilarious that they begged me to take a picture.

upside down sign
“Mom, don’t drive upside down through here!”

The next two pictures are views from the road that leads to the park.

Here we are at Alabama’s highest point!

Abbey learned that she loves hiking and climbing.

Noah standing on Bald Rock

(This was one of my freak-out moments. Before I knew it, he had hopped off the platform and was down on the rocks. He’s just two feet from the edge in this picture. I freaked.)

Benjamin looking out from Pulpit Rock

(Another freak-out moment for Mom. I had to turn away after I took the picture. I knew he was fine; I just couldn’t look. Plus, all four kept talking about how much they wished they could take flight!)

Hannah thoroughly enjoyed the view!

View from below the mountain

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