If It’s the Beaches [lyrics+image]

I’m working on a little song lyrics-and-imagery project…taking my favorite songs and pictures and putting them together. I know: no one’s EVER done that before.

I have so many random images that I should be using in some way; this project is one of my ideas.

Here’s the story behind this one: In early October, The Avett Brothers visited Tuscaloosa, and Karl took Hannah, Ben, and me to see them. One of the final songs they performed was, “If It’s the Beaches.” Y’all. It took every ounce of self-control to prevent a full-on ugly cry. I could just see Hannah turning to me and asking, “Mom, why are you dissolving in a puddle of your own tears and regrets? Roll my eyes.” But I held it together, let a respectable amount of tears fall, and focused on breathing through the lump lodged in my throat. Because that last verse is so me. (I suppose this is true of everyone to an extent. At least everyone who isn’t into retail therapy.) From the time I was a little girl, when life became too much, I ran away to the woods. When I could drive, I’d throw a few things together and hit the road. Just drive. Even if it meant I only got as far as the riverside, I had to go. A few times, though, I took day-trips to Gulf Shores. Running away is never an option nowadays. But, still, sometimes it’s the beaches that I want. And to have the one I love listen and respond rather than judge and condemn is the risky, disarming, loving, and most unexpected thing.

The photo is one I snapped under a sunrise in Gulf Shores, AL, December 2011.

So. Here’s a little Christmas gift from me to fellow Avett fans, hopeless romantics, and women everywhere who feel like running away sometimes. Pin it. Download it. Have it printed up nice for your special someone.

Click here to download hi-res file for printing

And here’s a video of The Avett Brothers performance of “If It’s the Beaches”

3 Comments on “If It’s the Beaches [lyrics+image]

  1. Beautiful work. I used to run away to the beach when I lived in Mobile. I wish I could go back to those days sometimes.


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