Thankful Thursday

I’m just sitting here. I have plenty that I need to be doing, but I’ve pulled a muscle in my back, so I’m not doing anything. Movement = pain. This is not a situation to which I am accustomed, and I do not cope well. I get angry because I can’t do what I want to do. Sleep was near impossible the last two nights.

I do not know exactly how it happened. I think it happened as I was pulling a box out of the boys’ closet. Or maybe scrubbing baseboards. See, Karl and I decided that we were going to spend this week giving each room in our home a deep cleaning. Normal people do this in the spring, but we have a tradition of doing big home projects during the Christmas break because we don’t have enough to do during the holidays.

I don’t recall which year it started, but for as long as I can remember Karl has “cashed in” his vacation days during the holidays (Christmas is his favorite). We decide on a project to do around the house that we never feel like doing on the weekends during the rest of the year. For several years, we chose a room to paint. But this year, we wanted to clean out and scrub everything. You know, to give 2013’s dust a fresh landing.

I’m pretty sure it was the scrubbing action that did it. Those muscles were under-worked. Now they are telling me all about it.

And now, here I sit, heating pad in place, grumpy.

Here’s the thanks part:
I am thankful that I am not caring for babies these days. My children are capable in the kitchen and bathrooms. They don’t need me for their every need.

I am thankful for my family. The tables have turned: I need them to take care of me today. And probably tomorrow. Sweet Hannah is making breakfast. I am so thankful for her.

I am thankful for anti-inflammatories.

I am thankful for this heating pad.

I am thankful for funny movies to watch while I convalesce. Just wish laughter didn’t cause stabbing pains. I think I’ll watch a sentimental Christmas movie next.

I am thankful for friends who promised to pray for me.

I am thankful for shelter in this bad weather we are experiencing today.

I am thankful that I’m not feeling as grumpy anymore.

Thanks for reading. I may blog more while I sit here.

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