Thankful Thursday

I know. Technically, it is Friday. But, if you’re like me, then you don’t really begin to count the next day until you wake up. Ergo, it’s still Thursday.

But who is keeping up with the days this week anyway? It’s been nearly impossible to keep them straight thanks to the holidays. Wednesday felt like Saturday. Do you know how many times I reminded myself that I didn’t have to get ready for church today? At least once.

The funny thing is that tomorrow feels like it will definitely be Friday, which means another weekend is coming, which means that it’s felt like the weekend all week! Then it will be time for New Year’s Eve. Then a national championship celebration(ROLL TIDE). Then comes the inevitable crash-and-burn, the seasonal affective disorder because WE CAN’T HAVE PARTIES AND LAUGHTER AND PRESENTS AND SWEETS AND LATE NIGHTS WATCHING FAVORITE MOVIES ALL THE TIME.

Then a long winter, a groundhog, rains and storms, and spring, a wretchedly hot southern summer, 5 glorious minutes of fall, another mad-rush Thanksgiving and Christmas season, then, BAM, it’s 2014.

But, right now, it’s Thursday. And before I try to settle down for a few hours of shut-eye, I am thanking the Lord for a pain-free back. I feel so much better! Experiencing pain with every move is exhausting. Sleep is elusive. I am thankful to be able to wash dishes and pick up socks without pain.

Several friends sent messages to say they were praying for me. My family was praying for me, too. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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