January Status Update

Sitting…at the kitchen table.

Drinking…coffee with a little half&half. The current bag of beans is Red Diamond.

Thinking…about what I need to do to transition smoothly from Christmas vacation mode back into school mode.

Thankful…for a very quiet morning to read, pray, and think about the day ahead.

Reading…a couple of books on prayer, a short one on philosophy, and one by John Piper. It’s been a few years since I’ve read Piper, and I am remembering why he is one of my favorites. Everyday Prayers by Scotty Smith was a free download the other day, and I HIGHLY commend it to you.

Updating…my Tumblr. I began it a couple of years ago with the intention of sharing silly, interesting items I found on the Internet, but that quickly became a bore. I’ve decided to revive it with quotes from whatever I happen to be reading. If you are a twitter or facebook follower, then you will have already seen these updates. I am sure this will be more edifying than Internet memes. The link is at the bottom of this page (under Take Up & Read) if you want to see previous posts.

Loving…Les Miserables. The book is superior, by far. I read it in 2011, then crammed one more reading in between October and Christmas before seeing the film Christmas Day. I’ve been a fan of the musical since college, so it follows that I would love this movie. This adaptation may be my favorite…I think. I could go on explaining why, but I’ll save it for a separate post. 😉

Watching…Passion 2013 live stream. It’s a great way to start the year.

Hoping…y’all have a blessed Wednesday!

4 Comments on “January Status Update

  1. Somehow I missed the free download time frame on that book. It must have only lasted a couple of hours. I’ve put it on my wishlist for next year’s family reading, though. I’m focusing on the Gospel in my reading this year and really looking forward to it!

    Happy New Year!


  2. Love your status report! I have that Smith book, in real book form, that I also got for free for filling out a survey or something like that from the publisher. Sadly I’ve never even cracked the cover! I will remedy that soon 🙂 I’m also reading a Piper book, and like you haven’t read one of his books in a couple of years and also like you remembering why he is a favorite.

    Oh, and a big YAY for Les Mis, the book AND the movie!!


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