Living by James 4:15

All of our plans for this weekend changed yesterday. I was supposed to have a photo session with a new client yesterday afternoon, but rain put a stop to it. Then, today we were supposed to celebrate my nephew’s birthday with water guns and all manner o’fun, but he came down with a virus. And nothing cancels a party like a virus.

Instead of making new photos yesterday, I worked on old ones. And instead of partying today, we decided to visit Karl’s parents.

Without the aforementioned party to attend, Karl’s sister and her family decided to visit, too. So, his mom decided to throw an impromptu birthday party for one of my other nephews who celebrates his birthday next week.

The changes made to this weekend have already impacted the plans for next weekend. The boys and I were going to spend next weekend in the woods learning about wilderness survival. But things happen, and plans to spend the night in your own cobbled-together earth-shelter just have to wait.

We have to look ahead, make the best decisions we can, and readjust our schedules accordingly.

Cancellations and counter-decisions abound.

Only the Lord knows if next week’s plan will turn out the way we expect. It is best to learn to move with the current, adjust quickly, and trust the only One who really knows and understands our times.

4 Comments on “Living by James 4:15

  1. Dear Leslie, thank you for this blessed message and it is much strengthening. Babu.

    On Sat, May 11, 2013 at 9:07 PM,


  2. Thanks for the reminder. There are so many days when what I think I am going to do is no where near what I get to do. The key is to keep doing, even when it looks different from what you expected. 🙂


    • I like to sing like Dory, “Just keep swimming; just keep swimming; swimming, swimming, swimming….”


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