Sunday & looking ahead

My mother’s day included sleeping in, opening sweet cards, grocery shopping, cooking, eating, visiting with my mom and grandmother, picture-taking, and geocaching

Looking ahead for this week:

(1) I am going to be proctoring SAT tests this week. My kids will be taking SATs this week. I think I’m experiencing more test-anxiety than they. (2) Abbey’s second band recital is happening this week. Her first year of band is almost in the books. (3) Our last night of AWANA is this week. This is both stress-relieving and stress-inducing. (4) My 2 scouts are sitting for Boards of Review tonight. (5) I am excited about 2 photography jobs this weekend. Yay!! With tests, school, scouts, church, and work, this is going to be a crazy week. Bring it. And James 4:15 and all that.

2 Comments on “Sunday & looking ahead

  1. Oh, wow! Your dandelion picture is awesome! I love all the detail.


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