Thankful Thursday

And before I know it, it’s Thursday again. Time to share a few things for which I’m thankful.

* We’ve enjoyed a fun week of school. And by “fun week” I simply mean that we’ve done all of our work for the week. It makes me unhappy when we get behind in our schoolwork. SO, if I say it’s been a good week, I mean we did what we were supposed to do. That’s it; nothing special really. Tomorrow is our homeschool co-op day which means FUN learning, hanging with our friends, and no real schoolwork.

* Speaking of our co-op, I am so thankful for those moms and dads. Each week, they put in a little extra work so that our kids can learn and have a good time together. My kids are learning about Egypt, medieval times, woodworking, Alabama History, Logic, personal finance, and some-other-classes-I-can’t-remember. They’re getting fit and active in Crossfit and one other class called “Crazy Games.” I think that one might be a favorite. We always look forward to co-op Fridays.

* I am thankful for friends near and far who listen to me ramble (and/or read lengthy emails) when something is threatening to overwhelm my soul. True friends love you no matter what.

* Soup

* Clean/blank paper so full of possibilities

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