I’m a little excited

For the first decade of our marriage, my dear husband refused to agree to take our family camping. In fact, this conversation became a running joke between us:

Me: Hey! You know what would be fun?

Karl: Let me guess…CAMPING?

Me: Yes!

Karl: NO.

I grew up with many wonderful camping experiences with my grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousin. I remember one time, prior to my parents’ divorce, that our little family of four packed up and camped in Gulf Shores. My rheumatoid arthritic mom enjoyed camping until our final campout when she took a bite from a brown recluse.

Anyway, I wanted to recreate those memories with my own children. Karl, however, only had negative camping memories; therefore, he was very much against taking four children to live in a tent for any length of time. I can understand his lack of enthusiasm. After all, every single camping experience he had while growing up included flooding and/or freezing temperatures. (His family vacation tales always cause my sides to hurt from laughing so hard. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve heard them; he’s a fantastic storyteller, and they’re hilarious!)

You may recall our first family camping trip: Lake Lurleen, 2009. I am so happy that I blogged about that little excursion. Who knew blogs could be memory-keepers?! I had to mine my archives to find it, though. (Side note: I REALLY need to label & tag my posts in a more logical manner).

Since that initial campout, our camping experiences have increased and improved. SO much so that Karl decided we needed another (smaller) tent for when just the two of us (or a few of us) want to go somewhere. Isn’t that amazing? He has gone from “I don’t care to ever sleep in a tent” to “I realize this is something you REALLY enjoy, and I like spending time with you anywhere.” As a surprise for my birthday, he sent this to me:

new tent

This tent fulfills his two basic camping requirements: he can stand up in it and the floor space is large enough for our air mattress.

I put it up immediately. Unlike our big cabin tent, I threw this one up in about 10 minutes all by myself. Then, I went ahead and treated the seams. It is ready to go!

Karl’s even talking about camping this summer (the nerve!) now that he’s discovered how to build his own portable air conditioner.

*That’s 2 posts in 1 week. Yay, me!

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