My Storm Prep in 15 Steps

Step 1: Watch & read weather reports until you’ve grasped the storms’ timelines.

Step 2: Make sure all necessary communication devices are fully charged.

Step 3: Gather supplies, including water, batteries, flashlights, non-perishable food, whistles, bike helmets.

Step 4: Check the weather report one more time. Evaluate maps and data. Make sure your people are weather-aware. Annoy your husband about the weather.

Step 5: Cook dinner early.

Step 6: Eat.

Step 7: Gather cell phone/iPhone, laptop, weather radio, amateur radio receiver.

Step 8: Watch twitter #alwx. Watch storm chasers’ live streams. Watch James Spann 24/7.

Step 9: Try to stay calm when the storm chasers stream video of multi-vortex tornadoes headed into your state.

Step 10: Listen to Hubby as he tells you to calm the heck down because it isn’t even raining yet.

Step 11: Calm down and play a game.

Battleship during bad weatherStep 11: Check radar when tornado warning is issued. If the dangerous rotation isn’t nearby, go to step 12. If rotation is headed your way, go to step 13.

Step 12: Finish game while checking on family & friends.

Step 13: Go to your safe place with blankets, pillows, helmets, backpacks, camera, radios, etc.

Step 14: Check amateur radio operators’ reports.

Step 15: Check status of family & friends.

Throw in a lot of prayers for good measure.


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