Geocaching Challenges

When we started geocaching, Karl and I didn’t know anything about the various challenges that cachers have created in order to make the game even more adventurous. Most of these caching challenges are for the cacher who enjoys something a little more difficult than simply finding one cache. The big challenges are the “Everyday” Challenges, the Fizzy Challenge, the Jasmer Challenge, and the Busy Day Challenge.

Everyday — there is an “everyday” challenge for each month of the year. The requirement for each month is to find a cache hidden in Alabama, in my case, on each day of that month. It’s more difficult than it sounds, especially if no one in your area hid a cache on that day.

The Fizzy Challenge — also known as the “Well-Rounded Cacher” challenge. To qualify for this challenge, a cacher must find a cache for every difficulty/terrain rating on the D/T grid. Also, the finds must include one of each of the nine main types of caches. That’s at least 81 caches.

The Jasmer Challenge — requires cachers to find and log at least one cache that was placed in every month back to the very beginning of geocaching (May 2000).

The Busy Day — requires a cacher to find and log six of the ten currently available cache types (non-events) in one 24-hour day.

I still have a good ways to go on most of the challenges. I think I’ve only completed one month of the Everyday Alabama challenges. I only lack 5 spaces on my D/T grid; I’m almost done with my first Fizzy. I have no idea where I stand regarding the Jasmer.

I’ve completed 3 Busy Days, though. One day, in particular, was an awesome adventure….

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