Goodbye, 2017!

I struggled to recall my favorite moments / memories of 2017. After spending several minutes scrolling through photos and reviewing my calendar, I decided on the highlights from each month. So, without further ado…

January – Hiking at Hurricane Creek park: HurricaneCreek

February – A driver ran a stop sign right in front of me as I was taking my daughter to school. Though there was not enough distance for me to stop, I was able to slow down so that no one was injured. Our insurance company totaled our trusty minivan, and we had to purchase another vehicle. It was a significant event, but I shouldn’t say it was the highlight.

Wood Badge was the highlight for February and March. Karl and I both had two wonderful weekends making new friends and learning more about the scouting program.

March – Hannah turned 18. My baby grew up. Hannah001

April – I ran in a 5K and we took a trip to Blue Springs BlueSprings001

May – We graduated the first one. HBNA

June – Noah enjoyed his first job on staff at summer camp. I snapped this pic as he slept on his way home after the first week. Noah asleep

July – I took my girls to the historic Alabama Theatre to see Steel Magnolias. In this picture you can tell that my nose is still puffy from crying. SteelMagnolias

August – This month was more eventful. I had my wisdom teeth removed. IMG_2027.jpg

I took the girls on a quick get-away to go kayaking on the Hiwasee River. Also, at the end of our float down the river, Abbey and I jumped from the bridge over the river.


September – Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Football season started.

October – I saw my favorite band in concert. DAWES.

Also, I backpacked to Walls of Jericho in a hurricane. The rain started around 10:30pm Saturday night and did not stop. The hike out of the canyon the next morning was windy and wet, to say the least. wallsofjericho2wallsofjericho

November – I met one of my closest friends in Birmingham for a short get-together since she moved away. Margaret Atwood visited Tuscaloosa, and Abbey and I went to hear what she had to say. Bama lost the Iron Bowl. Karl and I went camping together. paynelakecamping

December – It snowed. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with family during the holiday break. I ended the year the way I began it: with a hike. This time I went to the Sipsey Wilderness. And it rained! But I have to learned not to allow the weather to get in the way of a good walk in the woods. snowWoodsQuad

BordenCreek waterfall

And that’s my 2017.


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    • Thanks! Glad to see you over here. I enjoyed your last post about motherhood. As usual, you’re pretty spot-on.


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