Take Cover Now

“TAKE COVER NOW” is a trending topic on Twitter right now. As I sit in a tornado shelter in Tuscaloosa, many others are in the middle of a terrifying situation.

For two days, we’ve been warned about the coming severe weather: level 3 on the severity scale. Level 3 means that there will be tornadoes, but no one can say with any certainty where they will occur. Our house is surrounded by very tall trees that could be blown into our house. So, with neither of us being fans of fear, anxiety and worry, my youngest daughter and I decided to ride out today’s storms in one of the many shelters on UA’s campus made available for faculty, staff, and students.

We packed snacks, chairs, drinks, books, games, our phones and chargers, and pillows. And, thanks to Coronavirus, we have hand sanitizer, 2 masks, Clorox wipes, and gloves.

There aren’t very many people here at the moment. The first band of storms passed; after which, several people exited. This room is so huge, we have been able to honor the 6ft apart guidelines. There are restrooms, a water fountain, and a screen that updates watches and warnings.

As with most areas on this campus, it is very nice. Best of all, Abbey and I feel safer here than we would at home.

The most severe band is still an hour away. From what I’ve gathered from Twitter, it could be stronger than what we experienced April 27, 2011. We will stay put.

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